Restrictive measures will be weakened according to monitoring

29.06.2020 19:00
Restrictive measures will be weakened according to monitoring
The meeting of Coordination Headquarters for protection of population from coronavirus infection has ended.

Sukhum. June 29. Apsnypress. The Cabinet of Ministers of Abkhazia hosted a meeting of Coordination Headquarters to protect the population from coronavirus infection, which discussed the epidemiological situation in the country and the effectiveness of restrictive measures.

Dzhansukh Nanba, Deputy Head of the Presidential Administration, presented the position of the Head of State: “As before, the primary task is to preserve the health and life of the people of Abkhazia.”

Nanba recalled the results of a implementation of the Order adopted on June 12: “We can say that the relaxation of restrictions within our country, as part of the activities of economic entities, did no harm. Taking into account the socio-economic situation and the financial situation of our citizens, of course, various support measures are being taken by the country's leadership. So, in the framework of the Presidential Order, the Government developed and adopted measures to support entrepreneurship and identified priority areas of budget financing. Work is underway to collect personal information about people who find themselves in a difficult socio-economic situation, about low-income families. Humanitarian aid distribution activities are being developed. One rally has already been held in the Ochamchyr region, followed by the same rally in Tkuarchal district and, if necessary, in other areas. ”

At the same time, deputy head of the Presidential Administration noted: “There is no doubt that restrictive measures, especially those related to crossing the Abkhaz-Russian border, have a very negative effect on citizens' incomes. We perfectly understand how this is connected with the holiday season, which our citizens and entrepreneurs have been waiting for a whole year. But the health of the population and the nation is the highest priority. I would like to note that the process of crossing the state border is not regulated unilaterally. To date, restrictions remain on the departure of citizens of the Russian Federation outside of Russia. There is constant monitoring of situation. The period during which symptoms of coronavirus infection are manifested will pass by July 10th. And even then it will be possible to draw certain conclusions, the results of relaxation of restrictive measures will be clear. If this period passes without outbreaks of infection, then we will already begin to work out the implementation of security measures and the opening of certain tourist facilities, to consider the possibility of arrival of citizens precisely for tourist purposes. ”

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