President on the consequences of the pandemic: 1.9 billion rubles “falls out” of the country's budget

02.07.2020 21:29
President on the consequences of the pandemic: 1.9 billion rubles “falls out” of the country's budget
Head of state gave a press conference.

Sukhum. July 2. Apsnypress. At a press conference, Head of State Aslan Bzhaniya spoke about the difficult financial situation in the country and the change in budget revenues due to coronavirus.

President of Abkhazia, Aslan Bzhaniya, explained that 1.9 billion rubles “falls out” of the country's budget due to cornavirus pandemic: “This is a huge amount of money for our budget. In 2019, the amount of financial revenues to the Republic of Abkhazia is 15 billion 353 million rubles, this are the budget and extra-budgetary funds, together with the Pension Fund, of which own - 6 billion 527, that is 43%. 8 billion 826 million is the money that comes to us from the Russian Federation. ”

Moreover, according to Bzhaniya, the country will not be able to get out of the situation with the pandemic on its own: “We do not have any prerequisites for this. Now, if we removed the restrictions imposed in connection with the epidemic, and we earned industrial enterprises or other sectors of the economy that could make up budget revenues ... But we do not have this! Therefore, it will be very difficult. The only way out at this stage is to help the Russian Federation. If we open the border, and the holiday season will partially take place in Abkhazia, then of course, the amount of "lost income" will be less. "

In evidence, President cited the figures: “In 2014, the able-bodied population was 144,000 people, while 40,881 people worked, the average wage was 9,895 rubles. In 2019, the able-bodied population is 145,000, the working population is 42,188, and the average salary is 10,935. Look at inflation, what is it? Here is the state of our economy! How rich are we over the past 5 years, have there been any progress in the development of the economy? These are figures from the State Statistics Service. I do not blame anyone, I only bring you the objectively established information. ”

The head of state noted: “We will work and develop in the right direction. Our budget, actually the revenue side, is 5.5 billion rubles. Fulfillment of the state’s normative-public obligations to citizens is and always was of crucial importance, and within the framework of the epidemic it was even more important.”

Aslan Bzhaniya drew attention to promising objects of the tourist industry: “We should wrap the support that we will be given to our advantage. Here is a hotel, opposite the Leon Hotel, a hotel on the banks of the Basla River, a hotel in Gagra - these facilities are 90% ready and will create jobs and pay taxes. All this must be brought to the end with the help of the Russian Federation. ”

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