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The only major budget forming company now is "Tkuarchalugol" - Aida Chachhaliya
About the problems and prospects of development of the hero-city "Apsnypress" reporter wastold by the head of the Administration of Tkuarchal district - Aida Chachhaliya. 

Tkuarchal. April 9th. Apsnypress. Aida Sergeevna, you already six months act as the head of the area, tell us about the current state of Tkuarchal and its districts. 

Socio-economic development of the area is poor. Over the years, a number of enterprises is idle, only the largest budget of them remains LLC "Tkuarchalugol". If we consider in general, at the present time in the area of Tkuarchal operates fourteen budget-state and commercial enterprises of ownership. 

District budget is 40 million rubles, the remaining 92 million - subsidies from the Republican budget which goes to pay the salaries of public sector employees. 

How do you plan to develop the area, to get out of the situation which as it becomes clear is not very optimistic? 

First and foremost, is to attract investors for the development of infrastructure in the area, increasing production, the creation of jobs. We plan to make full use of it, because as you know, Tkuarchal is rich in natural resources. For example, the joint Abkhaz-Russian company "Nedraresurs" would soon begin to develop dolomite. There is an interesting proposal for the construction in our city Ferroalloy Plant. Of great importance for us is the development of agriculture, we plan to restore citrus and tea plantations. I note that from the residents of the area we receive a lot of business projects of different directions. It speaks of the desire of people to work. 

Perhaps one of the most important issues of concern to our readers is the state of water supply in the city. Still remember the mass poisoning of people in 2013. 

To date, we do not know what caused the falling of bacterial dysentery in the river above the intake, where a 4 km radius are not inhabited. With regard to the general water supply system, the problems remain even though we spend some work. For example, water is chlorinated, we purchased the product "Advanced", which determines the rate of the chlorine gas and vacuum injector to determine the water pressure. This year is planned to replace the tanks and sumps. Despite this, the water intake station overhaul is needed. 

This year the heroic Tkuarchal celebrates 73 years. Your wishes, please. 

I congratulate all the residents of Tkuarchal on this  day and wish them health and patience. I want to assure you that all of us will succeed.

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