WHO experts: no cases of coronavirus infection recorded in Abkhazia

20.03.2020 16:20
WHO experts: no cases of coronavirus infection recorded in Abkhazia
Valery Bganba heard a report of WHO experts on the results of work in Abkhazia.

Sukhum. 20 March. Apsnypress. Acting President, Prime Minister Valery Bganba held a meeting on the results of the World Health Organization experts' work in the republic. 

 According to the report, Valery Bganba thanked the experts for the work done.  
 UNDP spokeswoman Louise Winton noted that the main fact identified during the days of work on the territory of the republic was that today there were no cases of coronavirus infection in the country. However, the dynamics around the world has not yet subsided, and Abkhazia must implement all the preparatory measures to reduce the risk of disease. “I am sure that the monitoring results of our experts are of interest to you, moreover, they will prove useful and feasible. We hope that in the future we will be able to provide the necessary assistance, ”she said.  

 Experts recalled that they only had 2 days to monitor their readiness for potential virus entry into Abkhazia. Nevertheless, they managed to inspect the equipment of laboratories at some institutions, possibility of independent laboratories, and also meet and discuss with Abkhaz specialists the priority tactics in identifying and treating patients with coronavirus.  

   Vasily Yesenamanov, coordinator of the WHO emergency preparedness program, reported to the head of the Government that the main purpose of monitoring and meetings with Abkhazian doctors was to define a brief strategy for actions within the country for the period of a global pandemic. According to him, the main thing in the current period is to be ready for four stages: to identify, test, isolate and successfully treat patients. At the same time, WHO experts emphasized that Abkhazia was ready to implement the activities of all four stages.  

   WHO laboratory expert Radu Kojokaru noted that several laboratories in the country (in the Republican Hospital, SES, Research Institute, Veterinary Service) have basic equipment for PCR diagnostics of complex molecular types, according to international quality standards.  In addition, experts noted the high level of professional knowledge and the willingness of laboratory staff to conduct appropriate studies if necessary. To solve operational problems it is necessary for all laboratories in the country to establish both information and resource exchanges, and to take an inventory of available reagent stocks.  

 WHO experts in the field of laboratory research assured that they were ready to carry out subsequent consultations and recommendations to Abkhaz specialists.  Also, discussing the stages of isolation and treatment of patients, WHO representatives noted that the Republican TB dispensary, identified by the Ministry of Health of the country as a potential institution, ready to receive coronavirus patients, is certainly suitable for helping patients. According to the Ministry of Health and Social Services, the institution has over 100 places for intensive care.  

   At the end of the meeting, the parties thanked each other for their cooperation and outlined a plan for remote interaction.

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