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WAAC summed up the results of the past year

23.12.2019 16:27
WAAC summed up the results of the past year
Within the framework of the event there was held a teleconference with chairman of the World Abkhaz-Abaza Congress Mussa Ekzekov.

Sukhum. December 23. Apsnypress. The press center of the World Abkhaz-Abaza Congress held a press conference on the results of the working visit of the WAAC delegation to Europe and the organization's activities in 2019. Vyacheslav Chirikba, member of the WAAC , Executive Secretary of the WAAC Inar Gitsba, and head of the information portal of the WAAC Amina Lazba, answered questions of journalists. Chairman of the World Abkhaz-Abaza Congress Mussa Ekzekov joined the conversation by teleconference.
 Vyacheslav Chirikba told about the results of the visit of WAAC delegation to Great Britain: “On December 7, I met with representatives of the Abkhaz-Abaza diaspora of London. We have been acquainted with many of them since 1990, when together with Vladislav Ardzinba we took part in a conference on the Caucasus in London. As part of the meeting, a regional branch of the WAAC was created and Yashim Atryshba was elected as head of the department. She is a very active member of the Abkhaz diaspora, during the War of Abkhazia was in her historical Motherland and supported the liberation movement. The members of the diaspora expressed a common desire to strengthen contacts with their homeland and establish dialogue with the Abkhaz communities of other countries. ”
 Inar Gitsba shared his impressions of a working trip to the Netherlands and Belgium: “During a meeting with compatriots in Rotterdam, there was established a new structural unit. We worried, did not know how many compatriots would come to the meeting, and whether they would be interested. But in the end, so many people came that we were already running out of space. Our compatriots showed great interest in the activities and tasks of the Congress. In turn, we talked about what has been done and plans. Many compatriots expressed a desire to join the regional office. Young people actively positioned themselves with the ideas that WAAC holds. The regional office in the Netherlands was led by a young resident of Amsterdam, a representative of the Abkhaz ethnic group Ergun Ashuba. He has a great desire to be useful in strengthening and maintaining ethnocultural values. Then, our delegation visited Brussels, where we met with compatriots as well. There it was also decided to create a regional office. It was headed by Daur Alamiya, which is our pride, since he is the son of Gennady Alamiya, who made a great contribution to preservation of ethnocultural values ​​and the work of the Congress as a whole. ”  

  Amina Lazba told the story of the creation of the German branch of the WAAC: “The meeting with compatriots took place in the German commune of Mosburg, where the Abkhaz cultural center has been working for 27 years, since 1993. It includes more than 100 representatives of our people. Typhoon Pachuliya became the head of the created regional branch; he has been living in Germany for more than 40 years. The meeting was held in a warm and friendly atmosphere, people shared the ideas of the Congress. They also noted that there should be more such meetings. It should be noted that the Abkhaz diaspora in Germany is one of the largest, it has about 10 thousand people. The most important outcome of the meeting was the decision next year to meet at the cultural and sports festival, where traditions, customs, Abkhaz and Abazin cuisines will be presented. ”  

Mussa Ekzekov shared his plans for the next year: “The creation of a network of regional offices in Western Europe is one of the most important directions of the work of the WAAC. Nevertheless, the priority for our activity is to cover the entire territory of Abkhazia. We plan to open WAAC public councils in each community in Abkhazia. This is done in order, first of all, to study the condition and needs of each Abkhaz family and together learn how to solve common problems. We look forward to working with town and district administrations. It is easy to cooperate with us, because we work transparently and systematically. I consider the work of the Congress well done this year. ”

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