Valery Kvarchia: we are interested in developing fraternal relations with Jordan

05.07.2018 15:20
Valery Kvarchia: we are interested in developing fraternal relations with Jordan
Parliamentarians of Abkhazia met with delegation of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.

Sukhum. July 5. Apsnypress. The meeting of the delegation of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan headed by Vice President of the Senate of Jordan, Monier Sobir was held in the People's Assembly of Parliament of Abkhazia.
 Speaker of the Parliament of Abkhazia Valery Kvarchia welcomed guests from Jordan. He recalled that there in March 2018 took place a meeting of parliamentarians of Abkhazia with delegation of the House of Representatives of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, which was held in the spirit of brotherhood and understanding. "We know each other for a long time. There were periods of alliance and struggle for the sphere of influence in Transcaucasia in the 8th-12th centuries at the time of power of the Abkhazian kingdom and the Arab Caliphate. Later, representatives of the Abkhaz-Adygs, known to you as Abaza or Adygs, took part in military parades of the Arabs, some of them became major commanders and heads of such states as Egypt, Tunisia and other Arab countries. The Abkhazian-Adighe diaspora resides in the Kingdom of Jordan. We are very grateful to the King of Jordan and the whole people for their trust and deep respect for our Diaspora. And proud that its representatives faithfully serve the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. We are interested in developing with you fraternal relations, cultural, economic and political ties, " - said Kvarchia.
 For his part, Monier Sober also stressed the importance of meeting with colleagues. He told about the legislative branch of power in the Kingdom: "In Jordan there are senators and Parliament. Deputies of the Parliament are appointed by choice. The number of deputies in Jordan is 130 people and the number of senators should not exceed half of the deputy corps. We have 65 senators. "
 At the same time, Monier Sober expressed interest in the work experience of his colleagues. And Valery Kvarchia also spoke about parliamentary activity in Abkhazia.
 Senator Sami Pino of Jordan, in an interview with Abkhazian parliamentarians, noted that he is a Chechen by nationality. "I am glad that you have many young deputies in the Parliament. Most importantly, you do not have any talks about religion, the most important thing for you is Abkhazia itself. You helped the arrived Syrians. We, in Jordan, also have many refugees from Syria. It's not the first time that Jordan has accepted people. "
 At the end of the meeting, the sides stressed the importance of strengthening relations between Abkhazia and Jordan.

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