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Valery Bganba: all grocery stores in all towns will work

25.03.2020 16:19
Valery Bganba: all grocery stores in all towns will work
An enlarged meeting on measures to combat coronavirus infection was held in the National Assembly of Parliament of the Republic of Abkhazia.

Sukhum. March 25. Apsnypress. Members of the National Assembly of Parliament of RA gathered for an open meeting on measures to combat the COVID-19 virus.
 Opening the meeting, speaker Valery Kvarchiya expressed concern about the situation: “You all know that humanity is in danger, there is a real threat of the spread of coronavirus infection. The Government of Abkhazia, Acting President Valery Bganba and the Security Council have already studied and discussed the steps that need to be taken. Everything must be done to implement all these measures in the adopted Government Order. ”
 At the same time, acting President Valery Bganba named what has been done and what is planned to be done in the fight against the virus: “We talked with our colleagues from Russia, with Russian Foreign Ministry, Administration of President of Russia. Intensive work is underway to collect the burden of humanitarian aid for Abkhazia. These are medications, personal protective equipment, tests for determining the virus. To date, we have no cases of coronavirus infection. We immediately organized shifts on Psou. During this time, several dozen people were sent back. Citizens of Abkhazia who returned to Abkhazia with a high fever fell into the Ministry of Health, where they carried out the necessary work. ”
 As Bganba emphasized, commenting on the adopted Order on the fight against coronavirus infection: “The market and public transport will be suspended. This, of course, will cause great difficulties, but these are some of the most serious foci of the spread of the disease. ”
 Minister of Health and Social Welfare of the Republic of Abkhazia Tamaz Tsakhnakiya informed about the preparation of medical institutions and preventive measures: “The Sanitary and Epidemiological Service carries out the whole complex of preventive measures. These are disinfection treatments in rooms, in public transport, providing medical institutions with appropriate disinfection means. Medical measures are carried out in bacteriological laboratory. It has enough equipment for research, there are 12 specially trained laboratory doctors, microbiologists, and virologists. To date, the Ministry of Health has 34 mechanical ventilation devices, including anesthesia and respiratory devices. In the pharmacy warehouses, reserves of medicines, antibiotics, antiviral drugs, supplies were created to provide institutions if necessary. 4,000 masks were received, distributed to medical institutions, and also transferred to Border Guard Administration, the State Customs Committee and, until recently, the State Migration Service. ”  
According to Tsakhnakiya, test systems in the amount of 500 studies have already been received from the Stavropol Anti-Plague Institute through Rospotrebnadzor: “When the test systems were introduced, together with the virologists of the anti-plague institute, with participation of WHO experts, this equipment was installed and first studies took place. We have no laboratory-confirmed cases of infection. This is important. You can talk about the diagnosis of COVID-19 only when we have a positive PCR test for this infection. We are guided by the WHO criteria for diagnosis. We have a permanent relationship with the Federal Service for Supervision of Consumer Rights Protection and Human Welfare.
 For his part, Bganba emphasized: “As for food ... We talked with wholesalers, while there are no problems with the import of flour, sugar, cereals. All grocery stores in all towns will work. ”
 At the same time, deputies noted that it is necessary to monitor food and medicine prices, not to allow their increase.
 Valery Kvarchiya expressed concern about the economic situation in the country, which may be affected by quarantine measures: “I would like to appeal to the people and the Government. It is necessary to direct people to turn to the land, to cultivate our traditional crops - corn, beans. We must seriously take up agricultural affairs if we want to ensure the autonomy of our existence at such a difficult moment. ”

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