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The total volume of APRA system operations grew by 20.1%

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The total volume of APRA system operations grew by 20.1%
The Bank of Abkhazia informed about the volume of operations by bank cards.

Sukhum. February 5. Apsnypress. The National Bank of Abkhazia informed about the volume of bank card transactions made by the national payment system APRA in 2019.
 Thus, according to the National Bank, the total volume of operations increased by 20.1% or 2.55 billion rubles, compared to 2018. Bank card holders on the territory of Abkhazia made operations totaling 15.25 billion rubles. APRA cards accounted 61.9%, MPS cards - 35.4%, and cards of Mir payment system - 2.7%.
 Cards of the Russian national payment system "Mir" began to be serviced in the payment infrastructure of APRA since June 2019. Over the past year transactions for 405 million rubles were performed on the territory of Abkhazia,.  
Since October 2019, the participating banks of APRA national payment system began to issue new APRA World cards with possibility to operate on the Russian Federation.
 At the end of 2019, the volume of non-cash transactions for payment of goods and services with bank cards increased by 49.7% compared to 2018 and amounted to 2.67 billion rubles. MPS cards paid in the total amount of 2.40 billion rubles in the country's trading and service enterprises, the volume of non-cash transactions of World cardholders amounted to 151 million rubles, amount of non-cash transactions with APRA cards in 2019 increased by 89% compared to 2018 and amounted to 121 million rubles. On average, APRA cardholders made purchases totaling 330 thousand RUB daily.
 At the same time, cash withdrawal operations occupied the bulk of the transaction structure. Through APRA  infrastructure in 2019, 12.58 billion rubles were cashed by bank card holders. Thus, the average cash withdrawal on cards exceeded 1 billion rubles per month.
 In 2019, payment infrastructure of APRA national payment system was expanded. APRA NPS participating banks installed 502 POS-terminal devices in trade and service enterprises of the republic. As of January 1, 2020, the holders of bank cards in the territory of Abkhazia were served by an infrastructure consisting of 2156 devices, including 124 ATM, 1929 POS and 103 PVN terminals.

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