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The program "25 steps to develop the economy of Abkhazia until 2025" is presented

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The program "25 steps to develop the economy of Abkhazia until 2025" is presented
The National Forum "Strategy-2025" is being held at the Abkhaz State University.

Sukhum. June 2. Apsnypress. The National Forum "Strategy-2025" presented the draft program "25 steps to develop the economy of Abkhazia until 2025", developed in the Ministry of Economy of Abkhazia with the involvement of consulting company Strategy Partners Group within the work of Council for Economic Development and Reforms under the President of the Republic of Abkhazia. 

 RA Minister of Economy Adgur Ardzinba told about the work of the program: "In order to get the maximum cut of opinions, it was decided to conduct in-depth interviews with all the main leaders of Abkhazia. Almost all officials, deputies of the Parliament, bankers, businessmen of all sectors of the economy have been interviewed. There were about 100 such meetings. When preparing the program on the basis of the Ministry of Economy, we collected all available statistical data, examined in detail the legislation of the Republic of Abkhazia, the already approved documents of long-term development - the Concept of Social and Economic Development adopted in 2005 and the Strategy for Social and Economic Development until 2025, adopted in 2016 year. A population survey was conducted to assess the quality of life, SWOT analysis of strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and risks. There were held strategic sessions with participation of officials and profile businessmen on the development of selected pilot industries. " 

 Beslan Agrba, Chairman of the Regional Public Organization "Moscow Abkhaz Diaspora", talked about the work on the program and the problems that it is called upon to address: "We need criteria and indicators, so we will say that the program is successful. Therefore, we decided to investigate ho we can achieve this. A lot of work was done, we approached all issues from the scientific side, we wanted to understand that the residents of Abkhazia are most interested in the economy, conducted a public poll. The most important problem, pointed out by the respondents, was the shortage of jobs. Creating jobs is one of the main tasks. To begin with we need to choose what we can do quickly, that is, we need quick wins in priority industries. Next, we identified new opportunities in priority sectors of the country. Thus, the program has its own dynamics and consistency. " 

President of the consulting company Strategy Partners Group, Alexander Idrisov said: "You are a talented people, enterprising. You can go a long way in development with your capabilities. It is necessary to put in order basic things in the beginning. You have such industries that are at a very low level of development, but they have a huge potential and you need to use it. "

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