The press conference of Aslan Bzhaniya and Badra Gunba was held at the press center of the State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company

17.03.2020 23:06
The press conference of Aslan Bzhaniya and Badra Gunba was held at the press center of the State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company
The press conference of presidential candidate and vice president Aslan Bzhaniya and Badra Gunba for media representatives was held at the press center of the State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company.

Sukhum. March 17. Apsnypress. At the AGTRC press center, Presidential candidate Aslan Bzhaniya and Vice Presidential candidate Badra Gunba answered questions from journalists on oil production, fight against corruption, development of the Abkhaz language, support for small businesses, environmental issues, appropriateness of the Geneva discussions and introduction of VAT.
 The first question was about the state of health of the candidate, Bzhaniya answered: “There are certain restrictions, but they are not of such nature that could interfere with everyday activities. Today I feel good and am able to work productively. ”
 Bzhaniya spoke about his political concept: “The key issue of the concept is the issues of state building. It is necessary to build a legal, cost-effective state. Our approach is based on the example of countries with similar economic potential. We plan to introduce amendments to the criminal code, the code of criminal procedure, to continue constitutional reform in the field of redistribution of powers between the branches of government. ”
 Commenting on the appropriateness of introducing VAT, Bzhania noted: “When the authorities make decisions that may affect the fate of thousands of people, decisions must be reconciled. VAT should stimulate the growth of the local producer, fiscal functions are secondary. When this law was introduced, it was unexpected for many. Such laws must go through an adaptation period. This norm must be carried out in accordance with the interests of business and the state. ”
 When asked what sources of funding the candidate would use if he won the election to implement his program, Bzhaniya answered: “First of all, we will use the funds available to the country. About 1 billion rubles are lost on the corruption market of Abkhazia, therefore, if corruption is overcome, this resource can be involved in implementation of the necessary reforms. It should also be taken into account that for many years the Russian Federation has been providing us significant financial assistance, therefore we will ask the Russian leadership to support us. ”
 Aslan Bzhaniya expressed his position on oil production in Abkhazia: “In 2015, a parliamentary commission was established to study the feasibility of oil production. This commission did not come to any conclusions. In 2019, a second study of this issue was conducted by the parliamentary commission, the results are still unknown. This is strange for me, because the study of such a question cannot last for many years. Through oil production for 40 years the United Arab Emirates from the desert has turned into one of the richest countries without harming the environment. Nevertheless, oil production issues must be approved by the people. ”
 The presidential candidate spoke about a number of measures that, in his opinion, will be able to improve the living conditions of citizens. According to Bzhaniya, the housing issue for young families can be solved by recounting housing stock and financing reconstruction and repair of multi-storey buildings. Medicine needs to be raised through development of private clinics, following the example of developed countries. To develop the Abkhaz language - by increasing the salaries of teachers of the Abkhaz language and the transition to more modern teaching methods.
 Asked about the recent shootings, Bzhaniya declined to comment on the detention of his supporter Mizan Zukhba. “I hope that law enforcement officials act in strict accordance with the letter of the law. As far as I know, the presumption of innocence has not yet been canceled. Specialists, not politicians, should comment on such things, ” he said.
 For his part, Badra Gunba talked about why he accepted the proposal to become a candidate for vice president: “For me, this decision was not easy. But considering what kind of people are in the team, in the person of Aslan Bzhaniya and Alexander Ankvab, it is an honor for me to bring benefit to our country with them. ”

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