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The Moscow Abkhaz diaspora in the coming days sends the first aid load to Abkhazia

01.04.2020 12:56
The Moscow Abkhaz diaspora in the coming days sends the first aid load to Abkhazia
Earlier it was reported that 5,498,000 rubles were received on the MAD special account. 5,000,000 rubles were transferred by Chairman Beslan Agrba.

Sukhum. April 1. Apsnypress. Head of the Moscow Abkhaz diaspora Beslan Agrba reports that in the coming days, the MAD will send the first aid load to Abkhazia.
 According to Agrba, the cargo includes defibrillators, vacuum aspirators, electrocardiographs, heart rate monitors, glasses, protective kits, gloves, medical and respiratory masks and two mechanical ventilation devices.  

  “When the situation with the spread of coronavirus in the world arose, we decided to create a“ Headquarters for Countering Coronavirus. ” After that, entrepreneurs began to call us from Abkhazia and informed that they were creating the “We Are Together” movement, after which we began to act in coordination with them. We buy medical supplies mainly through online resources and for cash. Certified pharmacies no longer have these goods in stock, ” he said.
 According to Agrba, as soon as the appeal for fundraising was posted,  the first money arrived to the account after 15 minutes: “We are ready to load the first lorry and send it to Abkhazia tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. We have a preliminary agreement on the MFA channel so that the cargo crosses the border without problems, the Embassy of Abkhazia in Russia helped in this. But we will not stop there, we will continue to purchase equipment and medical supplies. ”
 Agrba separately thanks Vladimir Biguaa, who handed over a large batch of gloves and chemical protective suits.
 Apsnypress managed to get in touch with the wife of Vladimir Biguaa, Kama Ashuba, who personally procured medical supplies for humanitarian aid: “My elderly parents live in Abkhazia, I am very worried about them and all my compatriots. When my sister called me and asked me to send medical supplies, my husband and I started buying up everything needed with personal funds. It was very difficult to find the goods. I contacted all online stores, but could not find enough medical supplies for the funds that we had. Then we heard that the Moscow Abkhaz diaspora was collecting funds for humanitarian aid and handed over everything we purchased to them. I’m still monitoring the Internet to transmit something else. ”
 (AP): Everyone can make a contribution to the special account of the Ministry of Health on protecting the population of Abkhazia from coronavirus infection.

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