The eighteenth meeting of the Intergovernmental Commission has ended in Sukhum

18.12.2019 19:37
The eighteenth meeting of the Intergovernmental Commission has ended in Sukhum
The plenary meeting of the Intergovernmental Commission on Socio-Economic Cooperation between Abkhazia and Russia was chaired by Valery Bganba and Vitaliy Mutko.

Sukhum. December 18. Apsnypress., There was held the regular plenary meeting of the Intergovernmental Commission on Social and Economic Cooperation between the Republic of Abkhazia and the Russian Federation in Sukhum, it was chaired by Prime Minister Valery Bganba and Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Vitaly Mutko.
 Prime Minister Valery Bganba welcomed the guests and noted: “A lot of work has been done by all departments. During the events of Investment Program, only 23 billion rubles were allocated from the Russian budget for the economic part of assistance to the Republic of Abkhazia. Many objects of preschool and school institutions, health care, economics, energy, and roads were built, this time about 600 km. ”
 Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Vitaly Mutko noted that the Russian Federation and Republic of Abkhazia have close long-term relations based on a fundamental Cooperation Agreement.
 Mutko commented on the completion of work on a number of bilateral agreements and Investment Program 2017-2019: “Today as part of the meeting, I would like to discuss the results of work on the implementation of a number of agreements. First of all, these are agreements in the social sphere, in the field of modernization and provision of medicines, issues of creating a joint Information and Coordination Center. Here we signed an Agreement on the extension of these 3 documents for 3 years. The Government of the Russian Federation approved them. I hope that our colleagues at the ICC will begin to work more actively, and from the beginning of 2020 funding for this object will open. We are completing the 2017-2019 Program. It had about 170 events and objects of different plans. Today we examined a number of objects, the work on which is being completed this year as part of the Investment Program - this is a school in Gagra, a kindergarten in New Athos, and also visited the university. There is still something to work on, there is not much time until the end of the year. It is necessary to complete the program in a quality and timely manner. ”
 In addition, Vitaliy Mutko reported on the main directions of Investment Program 2020-2022: “I know that our specialists worked a lot. The colleagues who were developing the program were given the task to solve several important issues over the next 3 years. First of all, this is the removal of infrastructural restrictions for the socio-economic development of Abkhazia, including the construction, reconstruction, and overhaul of energy, communal, and engineering infrastructure. This should help attract private investment. Secondly, we will continue to create a favorable climate for development of small and medium-sized businesses and the creation of jobs. I know that two financial institutions are working on this, there are loans for specific projects. Thirdly, it is important to complete the construction of facilities, especially the social sphere, which began in 2018-2019 so that there are no long-term construction projects, unfinished facilities. ”
 Mutko emphasized the need for reconstruction of the sports complex of ASU: “I would ask colleagues to add it to our Investment program, students should have the opportunity to be engaged in physical education and sports. We talked with students, ASU has its own world boxing champions ... If the university can educate such personnel, then we need to create a sports core. I hope we can do it quickly. ”
 As Mutko emphasized, it is necessary to complete the development of design estimates of facilities for state examination for implementation of the new Investment Program.

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