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The Control Chamber told about the work in 2018

09.04.2019 16:04
The Control Chamber told about the work in 2018
A press conference was held at the Control Chamber of the Republic of Abkhazia.

Sukhum. April 9. Apsnypress.  At the press conference, the Chairman of the RA Control Chamber told about the results of activities in 2018.  
 So, in 2018 the Chamber completed 10 control measures, which included inspections at 56 sites: “For example, if there was an inspection of the Ministry of Culture, then imagine how many subordinate objects were checked. They all have separate balances, with their economic activities and, of course, this is all financed by the budget. They needed to be checked - the Abkhaz State Drama Theater of S. Chanba, F. Iskander State Russian Drama Theater, The Abkhaz State Philharmonic and the apparatus of the Ministry of Culture itself". 
 In addition, according to Arshba, in the 4th quarter of 2018 another 4 objects began to be checked, of which, already in the first quarter of 2019, 3 checks received a logical conclusion in the form of a report. “This is a very voluminous check of budget execution in Gal district, we have never checked Gal. Also, - the Abkhaz State TV and Radio Company, which has also been not checked. Third - Forestry. And the fourth, not yet completed, is RUE “Chernomorenergo”, it should be completed in late April. The reason for extension of audit was the decision of Parliament, since the Commission was created, and we entered it, ” - explained Arshba.
 Robert Arshba called the main types of violations: “Inappropriate use of funds, inefficient use of funds in terms of managing and disposing of state property and violations in the field of accounting.” 
 Thus, according to Arshba, misappropriation of funds was revealed during the audit of the State Philharmonic: “There was an audit of 2016 and 2017. We practically had nothing to check, because according to the staffing table there is a director, there is an accountant, but there is no balance. We do not know what the money was spent on. The same is true for extrabudgetary sources - they have a cash desk, they have the right to rent out the hall, but we do not know how much money was received. Therefore, we refused to inspect the object and sent the material to the General Prosecutor’s Office. "
 In addition, Chairman of the Control Chamber commented on the opinion on execution of the Republican budget: “This was done in the framework of operational control, on execution of 2017 budget. I think the conclusion is quite reasonable.  
 For example, during the year, indicators on customs duty set at $ 20 are planned, and then they change to $ 5, while expenditure obligations remain at the rate of $ 20. But then you need to find other means, more than 5 million are underpaid. We consider illegal the decision itself within the budget process. If such a decision is made, it should take effect in 2018. In addition, there must be order in using the Reserve Fund of the Government, which means it cannot be wasted, it is also written in the law. We need to know what and where the funds are spent. As far as I know, a document has already appeared which determines the order for 2019. ”
 In total, according to Arshba, the total amount of misuse of funds is more than 143 million rubles.

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