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The Abkhaz national team has became the champion of the World Football Cup under the auspices of ConIFA 2016!

05.06.2016 22:50
The Abkhaz national team has became the champion of the World Football Cup under the auspices of ConIFA 2016!
In the World Cup final team of Abkhazia beat Punjab team with a score of 7: 6.

Sukhum. June 5. Apsnypress. Said Dzharsaliya. The final match between the national team of Abkhazia and the national team of Punjab began at 19:00 on the capital's stadium "Dynamo".
 After the starting whistle, Abkhazia became the team to check the strength of defense, creating a dangerous moments at the gates of the Punjabis. Next initiative intercepted Punjab team players. They conducted several attacks, with one of which, Punjabis forward almost walked into the penalty area to kick. But back Henri Hagush knocked the ball out of the opponent's legs.
 Next the game was shifted to the half of the field of the Punjab team. Abkhazia put pressure on the opponent by using pass errors.
 Players of Punjab rarely performed counterattacks that ended with dangerous long-range shots, but the ball flied either directly in the hands of the goalkeeper Bondarenko or above the gates.
 At the end of the first half, the judge added one minute oа extra time, for which the teams had by one attack, but the score remained unchanged.
 In the second half Abkhazian attacks has became more frequent. They bended a lot of balls to the penalty area of the opponent. Punjab counterattacked and on 57 minutes the ball bounced off the legs of the Abkhaz back, came to the Punjab player Amar Pervoldu (number 9). He hit the far corner, and the ball is in the net. Account opened! But it is not in favor of the national team of Abkhazia. Fans tailed out, silence at a crowded stadium.
 The ball was played from the kick-off, and the crew of the Abkhaz team went on the offensive. With the enhanced rate fell sheds to the Punjab, but they could not close the pass.
 Everyone was waiting for a miracle, and it happened. After 88 minutes, Ruslan Shoniya (3) equalized the score to 1: 1. The stadium cheered and exploded with applause!
 The judge added 4 extra minutes, but the score remained unchanged.
 After a five-minute break, followed by a series of penalties. Then Abkhazia team, thanks to our national team goalkeeper Alexey Bondarenko, who was able to reflect 3 penalties, snatched the victory from the team of Punjab with a score of 7: 6
The national team of Abkhazia has became the world champion under the auspices of ConIFA 2016!

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