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Sukhum hosted the X Congress of the PP "Amtsakhara"

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Sukhum hosted the X Congress of the PP "Amtsakhara"
The participants of the congress discussed the social and political situation in the country.

Sukhum. June 5. Apsnypress. The Tenth Congress of the Political Party "Amtsakhara" was held in Sukhum. 

 The participants of the congress discussed the socio-political situation in the country.

 Co-chairman of PP Amtsakhara Alkhas Kvitsinia noted that civilized dialogue between various social and political forces is very important. "We talk, discuss, try to reconcile the contradictions as much as possible. Only the need to strengthen the Abkhaz state and its civilized development determine our methods of political struggle, " - he said.  

  The leader of "Amtsakhara" stressed that he considers it advisable to continue consultations with other political parties and social movements not only on the issue of peaceful change of power, but also on the most important issues of state development. 

 Nevertheless, he said, a number of positions can not be the subject of discussions. First, it is the reform of the executive branch. "We are confident that it can be implemented within one year. The reform of the executive power through structural optimization, the abolition of unjustified and ineffective links between the president and the Cabinet of Ministers is indicated in the Program of our Party. Secondly, the reform of the entire system of state power, the establishment of a reasonable balance of powers between the legislative and executive branches of government, the coordination of candidacies for key positions in the government, the passing of a vote of no confidence in the Cabinet of Ministers and the dissolution of Parliament. And thirdly, Kvitsinia stressed that the Amtsakhara party is opposed to changing the state structure of the Republic of Abkhazia by moving to a parliamentary form of government, since it considers it dangerous for a fragile state. 

Despite the positions and approaches developed in the program of the party, we are ready to discuss with colleagues to determine the most balanced solutions. 

 This concerns the definition of approaches to solving economic and social problems, pensions and health care system, development of transport infrastructure and a set of issues that directly or indirectly form the investment climate in the country, the development of civil society and the political system as a whole.

 We consider it important and useful to discuss our position on financial policy in general and its reform, one of the important stages of which should be the consolidation of state extra-budgetary funds (other than the Pension Fund) into the budgetary system and improving their management and use of funds, quality budget planning, which aims to achieve financial stability of the state. 

 We are also ready to discuss different approaches to the formation of tax policy as the most important mechanism for encouraging the development of entrepreneurship, foreign and domestic investment, " - said Alkhas Kvitsinia.

 In addition, representatives of youth organizations issued an appeal to all veteran organizations with a proposal to put before the People's Assembly of the RA Parliament the question of removing the upper age limit for election to the highest state post. 

At the end of the congress the PP "Amtsakhara" adopted a resolution.

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