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State of emergency in Abkhazia

27.03.2020 14:53
State of emergency in Abkhazia
The parliamentarians approved the emergency measures in accordance with the Constitutional Law of the Republic of Abkhazia “On the Legal Regime of the State of Emergency in the Republic of Abkhazia”.

Sukhum. March 27. Apsnypress. The People’s Assembly of Parliament of the Republic of Abkhazia unanimously adopted the Decree on the approval of Decree “On the introduction of a state of emergency in the Republic of Abkhazia.”  

 Moreover, according to the Constitutional Law of the Republic of Abkhazia “On the Legal Regime of a State of Emergency”, in a state of emergency, depending on the specific circumstances, the state authorities and government of the Republic can apply the following measures:
 - to strengthen the protection of public order and facilities that ensure the livelihoods of the population and the national economy;
 - introduce a special regime of entry and exit of citizens;
 - prohibit individual citizens from leaving for a specified period a certain area, their apartment (house); expel violators of public order who are not residents of the area at their expense to the place of their permanent residence or outside the area where a state of emergency is declared;
 - prohibit the holding of meetings, rallies, street processions and demonstrations, as well as spectacular, sports and other public events;
 - make changes to plans of enterprises and organizations for production and supply of products, establish a special mode of operation of enterprises, institutions and organizations, as well as solve other issues of their economic activity;
 - use the resources of enterprises, institutions and organizations to prevent and eliminate the consequences of emergency;  
 - prohibit strikes;
 - introduce quarantine and carry out other mandatory sanitary and anti-epidemic measures;
 - restrict the movement of vehicles and search them;
 - introduce curfew. ”

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