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Starting February 4, migrants are prohibited to enter Abkhazia

04.02.2020 17:14
Starting February 4, migrants are prohibited to enter Abkhazia
Such a decision was made at an interagency operational meeting to prevent the entry of coronavirus into the Republic of Abkhazia.

Sukhum. February 4. Apsnypress. On behalf of the Acting President of the Republic of Abkhazia Valery Bganba, representatives of the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Emergencies, State Security Services and the State Migration Service of the Republic of Abkhazia discussed the situation with seasonal flu and SARS, as well as restrictive measures to prevent coronavirus from entering the country at an interdepartmental operational meeting.
 The chief sanitary doctor of Abkhazia, Lyudmila Skorik, reported on the results of the meeting: “It was decided on February 4 to introduce quarantine at the Psou and Ingur border posts and prohibit the entry of migrants and persons equated with them into the country. The decision was made to protect the population from the coronavirus in Abkhazia. ”
 Lyudmila Skorik informed about the epidemiological situation at schools and pre-school institutions: “Restrictive measures will not be introduced throughout the country, but selectively, for those objects that really have a confirmed incidence among children. At the moment, figures do not allow the announcement of quarantine, there is no large incidence. In Sukhum, restrictive preventive measures have been introduced in kindergartens and for primary schoolchildren. Basically, a very large number of requests were specifically among these age groups: 3-4-year-old children and in 3-4 grades of schools. As for other regions of the republic, decisions will be made on the temporary closure of several kindergartens in Ochamchyra, Tkuarchal and Gudauta, where cases of incidence among children have indeed been identified. ”  
The chief therapist of the Republican Hospital, Anzhela Archeliya, named the figures: “From January 1 to February 4, there were about 400 complaints with ARVI, of which 69 were hospitalized. There are currently 24 patients with pneumonia, 4 of them in serious condition. ”
 The chief doctor of the Republican Children's Hospital Igor Dzhopua also reported the morbidity statistics: “Since January 1, there are 1765 children with acute respiratory infections, 10 of which are confirmed cases of influenza, 7 of them are of group A and 3 of group B. 92 children were hospitalized for a month, today 22 people are in the hospital. Fortunately, these diseases occur without visible complications. Children who were hospitalized for 2-3 days are allowed to go home and continue to be treated on an outpatient basis. If we talk about statistics, there is a slight increase: last year at the same time there were approximately 1300 sick children. ”

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