Representatives of the tourist industry of Abkhazia discussed the crisis in the industry

21.05.2020 14:11
Representatives of the tourist industry of Abkhazia discussed the crisis in the industry
The meeting of the NG “Abkhaz Tourism Union” was held at the CCI of the Republic of Abkhazia.

Sukhum. May 21. Apsnypress. The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Republic of Abkhazia at an extraordinary meeting of the non-profit partnership “Abkhaz Tourism Union” discussed the problems of tourism industry that arose in connection with the coronavirus pandemic.
 Opening the meeting, president of NP Abkhaz Tourism Union Anna Kalyagina noted: “Today is already the middle of the second quarter, and we have nothing to pay taxes and salaries. Therefore, I wonder what steps the Government is ready to take in support of entrepreneurs? Another question arises: if the border is nevertheless opened, how exactly will we work? What security measures should guests use? ”
 According to Ruslan Kokoskeriya, Deputy Director of RUE “National Tourist Company“ Tourist ”, it is necessary, at a minimum, not only to transfer payments on all taxes, but also to find an opportunity to simplify the tax system.
 In turn, director of Inter-Sukhum hotel, Razgen Kadzhaya, emphasized that in the current conditions it is very important to keep staff: “It is important for us to know when the border will open and whether it will open at all this year. Large hotels incur huge expenses on the maintenance of accommodation facilities, so it is necessary at the state level to solve something with payments. ”
 Director of recreation center "Miya" Tamaz Abgadzhava also noted that it is necessary to ensure the safety of tourists, and to talk about it today.
 At the same time, director of the Mussera boarding house Rustam Beniya underlined: “I believe that tourists should present a health passport at the border. And it is necessary to revise the lease terms for state facilities, we cannot just close them. ”
 Nevertheless, other participants of the meeting expressed opinion that requirement of a health passport could scare away tourists, it is enough to have a health certificate.
  Director of Apsuana Rose Hotel Ilona Ampar also noted a critical situation with the payment of taxes: “Vacationers made an advance payment, the state received VAT, and now they will cancel and demand a refund, as the situation with the timing of opening the borders is not clear. Tour operators due to lack of such information may begin to demand a refund of the prepayment today. And how do we deal with VAT already paid if the prepayment needs to be returned? How to save personnel in the current situation? ”.
 According to Anna Kalyagina, today, as never before, the bank's support is important, it could issue loans at the lowest interest rates for the long term, and the state could become a guarantor for working facilities.
 In addition, members of the "Abkhaz Tourism Union" made a proposal that for physicians of Abkhazia and Russia the opportunity to relax in the republic was provided at special prices, and if possible for free. According to representatives of the tourist industry, this will contribute to promoting the image of Abkhazia.
 Summing up the meeting, head of Department of Tourism of the CCI of the RA Inara Daurova emphasized: “On the eve of the holiday season, it is very important for us to hear your opinion about the way out of the current crisis. In the near future, many foreign countries will be ready to restore tourist routes and already offer various rules for providing leisure, but will they be acceptable for Abkhazia? Therefore, we all must think together how not only to adequately meet the guests, but also to observe all safety measures for tourists and residents of Abkhazia. ”

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