Raul Khajimba: the structure of own incomes in the budget has increased

21.12.2017 13:27
Raul Khajimba: the structure of own incomes in the budget has increased
President of Abkhazia Raul Khajimba answered the journalists' questions at the final press conference.

Sukhum. December 21. Apsnypress. Lana Tsvizhba. President of Abkhazia Raul Khajimba told about the results of the outgoing year and plans for the future at the press conference.

 Anticipating the questions of journalists, the Head of State noted: "It was possible to solve a considerable number of issues this year, but there are also complex problems, the need to resolve which goes from year to year. There are tasks that we solve ourselves, but something is solved in cooperation with our strategic partner - the Russian Federation. But it's not true when they say that nothing changes in Abkhazia."

 Answering Apsnypress's question on redistribution of expenditures of 2018 budget from social orientation to economic development, Raul Khajimba emphasized: "It's time for us to move from survival to development. We talk about this for a long time but, unfortunately, not everything turns out quickly. Our budget has been socially oriented all these years. One can not fail to notice that, in comparison with past years, the consolidated figure of the Republican budget has decreased. If in previous years the budget was 11-13 billion rubles, today it is much smaller. But the amount of financial assistance from the Russian Federation used to be greater than our own capabilities. If we take the figures of 2012-2013, the budgets were quite colossal for a small Abkhazia, while the structure of our own capacities was no more than 2 billion 500 million and at most 2 billion 900 million rubles. Today there is another trend. In 2015, we received funding from Russia in amount of only 40 million rubles, later - it's about 2 billion rubles, this year - up to 2.5 billion rubles. The total amount for 3 years was more than 5 billion rubles. The structure of own incomes in the budget has increased. This is the beginning of a changes. We openly say that this is done due to administration of customs, tax revenues."

 In addition, returning to the topic of the social orientation of the budget President announced the need to continue optimizing the staff: "Optimization involves the reduction of a fairly large number of people. There are a number of structures that we practically eliminated, but despite this, during the previous years they continued to receive salaries. This also applies to educational institutions. This is a very painful topic. We started it, and we set the task of uniting some structures where duplication of these or other works is going on. "
 President reiterated that the process of replacing passports for new ones continues, and also the "Residence permit" forms are being issued: "We are also solving the issue of crossing the border with the" Residence permit ". I am sure that this issue will be closed. There is a process of replacement of passports. Today it's about 50 thousand replaced passports. All the necessary conditions for the employees of the passport services have been created. I have no doubt that the elections in 2019 will be held with new passports. "

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