Raul Khajimba received a delegation from Jordan

05.07.2018 14:03
Raul Khajimba received a delegation from Jordan
President of the Republic of Abkhazia Raul Khajimba received a delegation from the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.

Sukhum. July 5. Apsnypress. Welcoming the delegation from Jordan, President noted: "It is important for us that we are known in the world so that we can understand the world community. We are not pursuing the goal of gaining recognition overnight from certain countries. We speak openly that we should regulate everything inside our state. But, of course, the work that is carried out by our structures on recognition of Abkhazia is necessary. This is a planned process that allows us to inform the world community that Abkhazia is a country that fought for independence and statehood, we have achieved this and now our task is to become equal with many other states. "
 President stressed how important it is that there is a significant number of representatives of the Caucasus, the Abkhaz, who are building this state together in the territory of Jordan.
 "I am grateful to the leadership of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Abkhazia, which actively worked on the issues of understanding of our state on the part of many countries that, in one way or another, are actively cooperating with us," - the Head of State said. 
Nevertheless, recognition by some states imposes a special responsibility on the country: "We are doing a lot to make the country look different. There is a certain activity in relationship with Russia, which gives us support. But Abkhazia is a state that must create the necessary opportunities for development. Despite the fact that our country is small, there is enough resources in it. They need to be properly used, purposefully used to build the economy. "
  The head of the delegation, vice-president of the Ayanov Assembly of Jordan - the supreme chamber of the Parliament, Monyr Sober thanked President of Abkhazia for the warm welcome.
 "We were delighted to receive an invitation to visit your country. Many representatives of your diaspora live in Jordan. They asked us to convey to you the greeting words and said that they will come to Abkhazia once again. I am confident that our economic interaction is of great importance, " - Monyr Sober said.
 Ex-MP of the Jordanian Parliament Muhammad Raslan asked the President whether the Republic of Abkhazia has any relations with Georgia.
  President answered the question: "Relations with Georgia were not easy before the war. Today, these relations are practically nonexistent. There is a negotiation process that is being conducted within the framework of the Geneva discussions, where Abkhazia and South Ossetia, the United States, Russia and the European Union are represented. Many issues are discussed there, starting with the most important issue for us - an agreement on the non-use of force. Unfortunately, the Georgian side does not agree to this. It counts, probably, on the opportunities that can be provided by a number of states, counting on the possibility of so-called territorial integrity. We fought but were not instigators of this war. We won, and there will be no return to the past. "
 At the end of the meeting the parties exchanged souvenirs.

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