Raul Khajimba: own revenues in 2016 are close to 5 billion rubles

27.12.2016 16:35
Raul Khajimba: own revenues in 2016 are close to 5 billion rubles
President of Abkhazia Raul Khajimba named the achievements of the economy and the banking sector at a press conference on the results of the outgoing year.

Sukhum. December 27. Apsnypress. Elena Poluyan. Lana Tsvizhba. The Head of State listed the main achievements of the outgoing financial year: "Fully implemented the transition of the budget system to the treasury execution, which, clearly, was an important step in the control of finances of the country. Of course, much remains to be done in this direction, but the actual introduction of such a system is already a big step forward improving budget transparency and accountability of officials for spending public funds. Own revenues of 2016 budget are close to 5 billion rubles. This is what we are making ourselves, except the Russian financial aid, which amounted to about 5 billion 265 million rubles".
 Raul Khajimba noted "the tremendous work done by the Ministry of Economy": "Formed a wide range of tools targeted support our entrepreneurs. In particular, we are talking about the support of exporters, tax incentives and training for start-ups, preferential lending to small, medium and large businesses. Already implemented projects worth over 930 million rubles. Significantly increased the efficiency of subordinate enterprises. For the first time, part of the listed profits is transferred to the state budget this year. Sure, 930 million rubles is a small amount for a large state, but such amounts are important for small Abkhazia. There is no doubt that they will give a significant positive effect with the right use and bringing to a logical conclusion of the works, which are provided by these projects".
 At the same time, one of the most important factors of economic development Raul Khajimba called tourism. "The holiday season in 2016 was a success, in spite of all the difficulties that we faced. Abkhazia this year was visited by about 1.5 million tourists. In addition, it was reconstructed 4 of 7 resorts of "Resort Pitsunda". Renovations are taking place in New Athos cave and landscaping Ritsa relic national park".
President commented on the situation in the banking sector: "All the activities that take place in this area, show that the bank lives, and all the structures that are part of the banking sector began to revive. Yes, there are problems, but they are less. Today, virtually all of the actions that are carried out in the banking sector, contribute to improving people's lives. Many began to receive loans. Yes, not the biggest, but the interest on these loans far below on comparison to our big neighbor. These capabilities help the establishment of small and medium-sized businesses. We first started working with consumer loans. Powered rationing system, which made the operation of the financial system more clear and transparent".

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