Raul Khajimba addressed the annual message to the Parliament of Abkhazia

20.12.2017 11:32
Raul Khajimba addressed the annual message to the Parliament of Abkhazia
"As before, I urge everyone to work together for the benefit of the people and the state," - President stressed.

Sukhum. December 20. Apsnypress. At these minutes, there is taking place the session of the Parliament where President of Abkhazia Raul Khajimba addresses the annual message to the National Assembly of the Parliament of the Republic of Abkhazia.

 "First of all, I want to emphasize that our main goals remain unchanged. They are associated with saving the resources of society and the state, with the growth of the economy and development of human capital, with strengthening of the rule of law, improvement of the level and quality of life of our citizens and ensuring the consolidation of society on the basis of a constructive agenda.
 Elements of this agenda were formulated in the previous message and they remain relevant. I want to note that we successfully completed 2017, demonstrating the ability not to allow internal destabilization.

 As before, I urge everyone to work together for the benefit of the people and the state. If we do not unite, do not reach agreement on the basic parameters of our present and future, we doom our state to degradation and weakening.

 I count on fruitful cooperation between the legislative and executive branches of government. I am ready for a constant dialogue with the deputies of the People's Assembly of the Parliament, to provide all possible support to useful and sound ideas and initiatives. Only joint work for the successful development of Abkhazia can bring results.

 Therefore, I want to encourage all of us to work effectively, not to compete ambitions and fruitless bickering. Otherwise, no strategic goal will be achieved, and not only the acting authorities, but all our citizens will suffer from this, " - President said.

 At the same time, Raul Khajimba noted: "Abkhazia needs constant economic growth, and our economic policy should be oriented towards this."

 "Only the development of our own economy will allow us to stand firmly on our feet, fill with real content the sovereignty and independence of our state.

 We constantly talked about the need to move from a policy of development of means to a policy of development. In recent years, much has been done in this direction. But are we satisfied with the results? Of course not. The economic problems of Abkhazia accumulated over many years, have not gone anywhere. But we frankly talk about them and try to solve them systematically.

 2017 proved to be difficult for our economy due to force majeure and other circumstances.

 The state had to incur significant unplanned costs to eliminate a number of natural disasters, as well as an emergency situation that took place in Primorskoye village. Great damage to the economy of the country caused pests of crops. In general, significantly decreased the indicators for the tourist season.
 However, despite all the difficulties, we do not have unfulfilled obligations to pay wages and social benefits. Financing of other significant budget expenditures was carried out rhythmically and systematically, taking into account priority areas.

 The government needs to develop a set of concrete actions, verified point measures to support efficient, competitive industries.

 We already have a conceptual basis. This is the approved "Strategy of socio-economic development of the Republic of Abkhazia until 2025". But medium-term and sector-specific programs are needed to achieve the desired result for its implementation. The main role in solving these issues is assigned to the line ministries, which at the moment have not yet secured the fulfillment of my task.

 In this connection, I instruct the Cabinet of Ministers to organize the development of the required program documents and submit them for consideration in 2018.

 In February this year, the program "25 steps to develop the economy of the Republic of Abkhazia until 2025" was presented, developed by a Russian consulting company on the initiative of the Ministry of Economy and the assistance of a number of members of the Council for Economic Development and Reforms under the President. This program complements and develops existing strategic plans. I have already sent it to the Parliament for discussion by the profile committees and elaboration of the relevant proposals, " - said the Head of State.

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