Raul Khadzhimba: Tkuarchal will have a road infrastructure that will allow to connect the village and the city

30.07.2019 18:11
Raul Khadzhimba: Tkuarchal will have a road infrastructure that will allow to connect the village and the city
President of Abkhazia made a working trip to Tkuarchal district.

Sukhum. July 30. Apsnypress. President of Abkhazia Raul Khadzhimba, during a working visit to Tkuarchal district, inspected repair and construction work at a number of sites.

 So, the school director Dmitry Shoua informed about the progress of repair work at Tkuarchal school No. 5: “The work is carried out thanks to the sponsorship of an entrepreneur from Cherkessk. Till August 20 there should be redecoration inside the classrooms, windows and doors in two-thirds of the school will be replaced. The main part of the work ends, remain putty, painting offices and corridors. Repairs have not been carried out here since 1985, the windows and doors were already rotten. This school was also finished by our President, Raul Khadzhimba. About 100 children are currently studying here, and this year we are waiting for 6 first-graders. "
 In addition, head of Tkurchal district, Aida Chachkhalia, spoke about the repair of the market: “The repair of the market began, thanks to President, at the expense of the Republican budget. At the moment, the counters are already under construction, the roof is ready. There are shops that also belong to the market around it, they are rented by our residents, and the second stage will be the repair of these shops, their front part and roofing. Construction began last year. There were about 80 places on the market, after repair there will be 140. Each seller will be provided with an individual place, with the ability to leave the goods overnight, on a turnkey basis. Most of the work done. I think the repair will be completed soon. "
 Also, head of Abkhazavtodor RUE Boris Achba spoke about the progress in construction of the Tkuarchal-Bedia highway: “The object is included in Investment Program. The estimated project cost is 58 million rubles. Work began in 2017. There are many landslide sites, more than 5 retaining walls were built. The length of the road is 11.5 kilometers, 7 have already been laid. The schedule of work has been a little offended because it was necessary to build 4 bridges anew, funds were found for this by Abkhaz leadership. This road is very significant, it connects 9 villages. "
 The head of state summed up the working trip: “A rather large amount of work has been done since the last trip. Many objects at the stage of completion. The most important thing now for the district is the road. The work ends on August 10th and Tkuarchal will have road infrastructure that will allow to connect the village with the city. ”

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