President: we need a mutual exchange of views on all issues of concern to society

10.09.2019 17:58
President: we need a mutual exchange of views on all issues of concern to society
Raul Khadzhimba addressed to the people of Abkhazia.

Sukhum. 10 September. Apsnypress. President of Abkhazia Raul Khadzhimba addressed to the people:
 “Dear compatriots!
 For more than two weeks our country has been anxiously awaiting the outcome of the presidential election.
 As I noted in my previous address, the election campaign quite visibly and transparently revealed the strengths and weaknesses of the development of democratic processes in Abkhazia. Despite the high degree of political life, the contradictory views of the authorities and the opposition, mutual, sometimes unpleasant criticism, we try to find common ground on issues that determine the nature and trends of our further development, the formation of the value foundations of our independent state.
 Yes, we sometimes sharply argue, debate on the most pressing socio-economic, political and legal issues, we are heard by a wide audience of our citizens, for whom peace, stability, and overcoming existing difficulties are paramount.
 The elections clearly demonstrated that our citizens, who actively participated in the first and second rounds, are not indifferent to the current situation, to the fate of the reforms. Taking this opportunity, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the whole people of the Republic of Abkhazia, to the respected representatives of all national communities, to all voters, regardless of their belonging to one or another headquarters, for their high responsibility and deep awareness of their civic duty.
 Our voters see with their own eyes, appreciate certain achievements, at the same time they speak openly at meetings and about what hinders the development of certain industries. In my opinion, people are least concerned about the personal claims of politicians. People are seriously concerned about the problems of social and legal protection of society, strengthening the rule of law, the fight against crime, and improving the welfare of the population. And the duty of the country's leadership, primarily the President, is to change the situation more confidently and decisively, overcome inertia, and turn officials towards the urgent needs of our citizens. With this attitude, I went to the polls for a second term and I hope that with your support, I will be able to significantly turn the tide.
 I am sure that the disputes and disagreements surrounding the election results, which are feverish society, will be settled peacefully and legally. If international observers attested to the readiness of our society and political associations to observe generally accepted norms and behave in a civilized manner during the election campaign, this indicates that the political and legal culture is growing, the wisdom and prudence of the people are able to bring our state to a whole new level.
 During the presidential election campaign, during direct meetings with people, I once again became convinced that we have smart, educated, worried about the fate of the Fatherland youth. And we are obliged to pay more attention to the problems of youth policy, social needs and problems of the young.
 Assessing the past stage of the presidential election, I once again became convinced of the need for an even wider and more constant dialogue with all sectors of society, with our esteemed veterans, with opposition parties and their leaders. As before, I am ready for such an open conversation. We need political consultations and mutual exchange of views on all issues of concern to society. I will do my best to create such an atmosphere and look forward to reciprocal steps in this regard.
 I wish you all, dear fellow citizens, peace, prosperity, the implementation of all your good intentions! ”

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