President to WAAC members: we must act in unity for the good of our Motherland

09.12.2017 17:25
President to WAAC members: we must act in unity for the good of our Motherland
Raul Khajimba met with VAAC Congress participants.

Sukhum. 9 December. Apsnypress. President of the Republic of Abkhazia Raul Khajimba met with participants of the Seventh World Abkhaz-Abazin Congress. The official website of the Head of State reported.
 Greeting the participants of the Seventh World Abkhaz-Abazin Congress, Raul Khajimba noted: "I am sure that our unity and mutual assistance will be a great support for the republic. The new leadership has a lot to do. In all your speeches, the theme was one of preserving the state and preserving the apsuara. " At the same time, President stressed: "It is of great importance that you living in other countries, have preserved our culture, our language until today. I noted this in my speech, we would very much like all of you to return to your homeland. But we know that this is not a matter of one day and not one year. You are an integral part of this land and we need to provide conditions for this not in words but in deeds.
   According to decisions you made you now have some work to do. I want you to know we will support all your endeavors. It should also be noted that the main thing for the development of Abkhazia is to follow the laws of our republic. We must act in unity for the good of our Motherland. Regardless of any preferences, our common cause is the development of our state. " 

 The head of the Council of Elders of the Federation of Abkhaz Cultural Centers Adem Mahariya Gyumushch noted the importance of the fact that the participants of the Congress determined the composition of the Executive Committee of the World Abkhaz-Abazin Congress.
"I feel the same joy as when I first stepped onto the Abkhazian land. These days the delegates of the Congress have chosen the main group that will support the elected head of the Congress. I'm sure wherever the Abkhaz lives, he is connected with his homeland. Today we are safe. Eternal memory and glory to those thanks to whom it became possible. We are Abkhazians. Despite the fact that we live under a strange sky, Abkhazia remains our pain. We still have a lot of debts to the Motherland. I ask the Almighty for Abkhazia to flourish, so that the Abkhaz flag proudly bows over a peaceful, successfully developing country, " - he said.

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