President: Our people have demonstrated the clearest example of wisdom and responsibility for the country and its future

27.12.2016 16:02
President: Our people have demonstrated the clearest example of wisdom and responsibility for the country and its future
President of Abkhazia Raul Khajimba gave a press conference on the results of the outgoing year.

Sukhum. December 27. Apsnypress. Elena Poluyan. Summing up the year, President of Abkhazia Raul Khajimba noted that 2016 is marked by significant events for Abkhazia and the entire nation.
 Raul Khajimba assessed the socio-political situation in the country: "It is worth noting that the wisdom of our citizens who, despite the deliberate escalation of social and political tension, demonstrated the clearest example of wisdom and responsibility for the country and its future. We managed to get through the next test with dignity, without going beyond the limits of human norms, and our people can be an example for the world community. We were able to stop at a dangerous level, and to find opportunities for making trade-offs. In my opinion this is an important achievement of the year.
 I know many different assessments of these events. Some say it could be a different story itself. Other demands sharp and hard enough steps. But I think that everything that happened in these days is indicative for the Abkhazian state, and for all those around us. We have the resources and reserves, and we need less to treat each other with anger. We need to create opportunities for understanding. Unfortunately, it does not always work".
 Answering whether the agreements reached with the opposition will be able to stabilize the socio-political life in the country, the President said: "difficult to predict the course of events. But those talks, which took place in the last period, show that we do not always understand and hear each other.
 Repeatedly mentioned the participation in the Political Consultative Council. And we were told: why do we need it, if the opposition is not involved? But let's start with ourselves, let those who are willing to engage in dialogue come to the Council. Maybe this step will serve as an example for others. However, this did not happen. Today we stress the need to continue the negotiations in the hope that the recent events have demonstrated the opportunity. Unfortunately, we can't say that things are going to benefit the people and the state. Narrowly mercantile interests, the distribution of posts sometimes prevail.
 It is already clear that it will be difficult, there is no agreement: Opposition Forces which include representatives of "Aitaira" expressed their disagreement with the position voiced by other members of the opposition. But let's try be heard and involved, in terms of real work for the state".
In addition, Raul Khajimba noted the importance of an agreement with the opposition: "It's more of a political nature, signed in order to get away from confrontations. I believe that our opponents will proceed from the expediency of submission of nominations for the solution of real problems. Whether it is the public prosecutor or a judge of the Constitutional Court, in any case they have to rely on the letter of the law. We all need to come to a common decision - to save our people and our country! "

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