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President of the Republic of Abkhazia met with Speaker of the People's Assembly of Syria

06.09.2018 16:42
President of the Republic of Abkhazia met with Speaker of the People's Assembly of Syria
The meeting was held within the framework of the official visit of President of Abkhazia Raul Khajimba to the Syrian Arab Republic.

Sukhum. 6 September. Apsnypress. President of the Republic of Abkhazia Raul Khajimba met with Speaker of the People's Assembly of Syria Hammoud al-Sabag during his official visit to the Syrian Arab Republic. 

 Speaker of the People's Assembly of Syria greeted Raul Khajimba:
 "We highly appreciate your historic visit to Syria. This is the result of the step taken to recognize the two republics which also has historical significance. 

 Today the whole world and, in particular, the Syrian people are watching you. The meeting with the Syrian President reflected mutual support and good relations between the leadership and the peoples of our countries.
 I'm sure you know in detail what Syria had to experience. Plots against Syria were defeated by resilience of the Syrian people, the heroic deeds of the Syrian army, all who died defending their land, and the wise leadership of our President. We also do not forget the support provided by friendly countries, strategic partners led by the Russian Federation, faithful numerous friends that you are.
 Our colleagues who visited Abkhazia during the celebration of the Victory Day are here. They returned from Abkhazia with a lot of pleasant impressions. We are looking forward to meeting with Abkhaz colleagues. "
 For his part, Raul Khajimba said:
 "These events are very important for our country. Establishment of diplomatic relations has given us an opportunity to continue the dialogue. The Treaty which was signed after the meeting with President of Syria gives a new impetus to the development of our interaction.
 The ties between Syria and Abkhazia have a long history. The modern world requires more active interaction.
   Our Adyghe brothers, Abkhazians live in Syria . We are proud that they stood next to the leadership of Syria to help the country to survive. 

 We are sincerely grateful to our Syrian friends who came to Abkhazia to see our country. I am confident that the Abkhaz and Syrian colleagues will work actively to ensure our relations be strong and developed for the benefit of our peoples. "

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