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President held a meeting of the Commission for celebration preparation of the 25th anniversary of Victory Day

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President held a meeting of the Commission for celebration preparation of the 25th anniversary of Victory Day
The meeting discussed organizational issues related to the holding of solemn events.

Sukhum. 17 September. Apsnypress. President of the Republic of Abkhazia Raul Khajimba held a meeting of the Commission for celebration preparation  of the 25th anniversary of Victory Day in the War of Abkhazia.
 The meeting discussed a number of organizational issues for holding ceremonial events.
President informed about the plan of events: "After laying flowers at the Memorial of Glory, before the military parade begins, the column of veterans of the Patriotic War will pass through Liberty Square. They are the winners and will be the first to pass through the square. Then the parade will begin, first - foot columns, then - technology and aviation. "
 As the Head of State emphasized, security should be one of the most important moments in the organization of solemn events. Raul Khajimba instructed the presidential adviser on cooperation with law enforcement agencies Leonid Dzshshba to coordinate the work of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the State Security Service. "Especially we need to pay attention to the stadium, where will come a large number of people," - President said.
 At the meeting of the Commission it was decided that the Victory Parade would be closed by the "Immortal Regiment". According to the chairman of the Association of Disabled Women, participants in hostilities, Larisa Tarba, about 1,500 people will take part in the "Immortal Regiment" action. Deputy Minister of Education and Science Medea Chengelia informed that after the military parade and the "Immortal Regiment" action, several columns of schoolchildren will also pass through Liberty Square.
 Minister of Culture and Protection of the Historical and Cultural Heritage of the Republic of Abkhazia Elvira Arsaliya reported on the department's readiness to open an exhibition of paintings dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the Victory Day in the War of Abkhazia on September 26.
 Deputy Head of the Administration of Sukhum Leon Kvarchia confirmed the readiness of the leadership of the capital to hold festive events in honor of the Sukhum liberation day and Victory Day.
 Also, on September 29 in Ochamchira there will be a monument opening to those killed in the War of Abkhazia.
 In addition, the Commission discussed the organization and holding of the solemn event "Congress of the winners" dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the Victory where jubilee medals will be awarded with participation of war veterans, volunteers and mothers of victims.

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