President demanded from the Interior Ministry to change the results of the activity by the end of the year

03.11.2017 15:15
President demanded from the Interior Ministry to change the results of the activity by the end of the year
The RA Ministry of Internal Affairs held an extended meeting to summarize the work of law enforcement bodies for 9 months of 2017.

Sukhum. 3 November. Apsnypress. Damey Kaslandziya. President of Abkhazia Raul Khadzhimba took part in the expanded session of the Collegium for summing up the results of the work of the law-enforcement bodies for 9 months of 2017.
 Summing up the work of the Board, the Head of State said: "I understand that it is difficult to talk about correcting all the shortcomings, when the state does not always pay enough attention to technical equipment, social issues. But we need to start from the opportunities that we have. "
 At the same time, Raul Khadzhimba expressed dissatisfaction with the work of law enforcement bodies. "For the past ten years the country has gradually slid into the abyss of criminal relations and squabbles. When a number of states took measures aimed at combating crime and criminal authorities, we began to cherish this environment. In a short period, the number of "authorities" and so-called "watching" has increased at times. Often, after committed crimes, representatives of law enforcement agencies turn to them. Thus, the impotence of law enforcement agencies is evident. Criminals feeling their "relevance" are trying to influence economic and political processes. Power structures look weak, " - Khajimba said.

 In addition, according to President, "there is no unity and readiness to pursue a tough policy in relation to crime in the ranks of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. This situation is due to weak financial support, technical equipment and personnel policy. "

 The head of state believes that today we should pay special attention to physical training, moral and psychological state of personnel. "If not now, it will be too late tomorrow", - he stressed.

President also noted the insufficient work in the operational plan. "Only hope for the available weak technical capabilities, and the activities carried out with their help, do not solve the tasks faced by the Ministry of Internal Affairs. To wait for information from those small opportunities is not the completeness of information that can ensure the criminal case be brought to completion so that qualitative materials come to court and the guilty person will suffer a well-deserved punishment.
 Almost no work with the agency. It's not a secret that all the work of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and other special services is built on this, " - President said.
President describeded the work of the road police as weak: "Violations continue, both on the part of civilians and the law enforcers themselves."

 According to Raul Khadzhimba, there is not much effect in the fight against the spread of drugs. "Although significant work is seen this year," - Khadzhimba said.

 The head of state believes that information and education work is needed in all areas of the department's activity, not just a statement of facts.
 "The Ministry of Internal Affairs and everyone who is not indifferent must unite efforts. Perhaps, to spend 2018 under the motto of the fight against drugs. To do this, we should carefully think over all the measures, " - the Head of State proposed.

 Summing up his speech, Raul Khadzhimba said: "I consider it necessary to reconsider the staffing. There must be a real picture of the placement of personnel, and then all other issues related to ensuring the working conditions of a particular structure will be realistic.
 The government should find ways to improve technical equipment and raise salaries. The first steps are taken, of course, it is necessary to support the police, improve technical equipment, but it is also necessary to work more effectively with what have.

 The number of registered crimes has increased, but the quality of work on these crimes has decreased.

 I demand from the Ministry of Internal Affairs to change things for the better. We need to say goodbye to those who do not want and can not work."

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