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President and results of work

03.09.2018 10:34
President and results of work
The results of the week.

Sukhum. 3 September. Apsnypress. Last week President of Abkhazia Raul Khajimba gave a press conference, which summed up the work for the first half of 2018. President pointed the ongoing constitutional reform of the state. For example, there was established Constitutional Court. Also, a draft concerning the electoral system is sent to Parliament. President also noted the increase in collection of taxes, and activation of return of bank loans. According to him, for the first time the Bank transferred profits to the state in the amount of 22 million rubles. And returned loans worth more than 485 million rubles (and more than 30 million - on the decision of the judiciary).
  On energy sector - President Raul Khajimba stressed that it is impossible to preserve it by the efforts of some bureaucratic structures. For example, only the Gagra district paid only 16 million rubles of 130 million rubles for consumed electricity. "Payment for electricity is a colossal resource that would allow RUE Chernomorenergo to solve many tasks," - the Head of State said. Raul Khajimba also said that there will be no stoppage of Ingur HP in 2019.
 Commenting on the situation in Gal district, President noted improvement in criminal situation and the fact that Gal district is now one of the quietest districts in Abkhazia. At the same time, Raul Khajimba noted the need to legalize trade with Georgia, since one or another product that illegally moves to the Abkhaz side creates conditions for dumping the market. According to President, all goods that come from Georgia must be fixed.
 As for the budget plan, for the first half of the year the state budget's own revenues amounted to about 2 billion rubles. According to President, the target figures for tax revenues were fulfilled by 102%. According to the Republican budget for the first half of the year, there is an increase in own revenues by 47.4 million rubles. The fulfillment of the income plan is at the level of 90%.
 President Raul Khajimba stressed that development of Abkhaz-Russian relations continues. In total, from 2009 to present, Abkhazia has received more than 40 billion rubles. "I believe that Russia will support us and help us, but we must understand that we will not always receive help. We will not be able to build a state, hoping for someone, " - President said. Also, Raul Khajimba touched upon relations with Syria and noted that after recognition of Abkhazia's independence it is necessary to sign a number of agreements, including agreements on economic and trade relations. "I think that a meeting with President of Syria will take place in the near future," - said President.
 The situation with housing in Abkhazia can be improved. Last week, the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Abkhazia adopted the Resolution "On approval the draft state target program" Provision of housing to certain categories of citizens of the Republic of Abkhazia. " For the implementation of the program it is planned to spend 30 million rubles (10 million each year). In addition, the Program determines the amount of financial assistance for the purchase of housing: no more than 500 thousand rubles for one participant of the Program and no more than 100 thousand rubles for one family member of the program participant. The implementation period of the Program is 2019-2021.
 September was declared a "month of cleanliness". The decree was signed by Prime Minister Gennady Gaguliya. Heads of central and local government bodies, as well as heads of organizations subordinate to them during September 2018 will need to monitor the participation of employees of bodies and organizations in the harvesting of previously assigned territories, and provide them with all the necessary equipment.
 Last week the "first bell" sounded in Abkhazia, the most exciting day for schoolchildren and their parents. There was a solemn line in all schools on September 1. In Sukhum secondary school No. 1 named after Bagrat Shinkuba, 78 pupils went to 1 class this year and 66 students went to the preparatory class, 57 school teachers will meet their pupils. In Sukhum secondary school No. 4 the first bell rang for 116 first-graders. Since the beginning of the school year, schoolchildren and teachers were congratulated by President of Abkhazia Raul Khajimba and Minister of Education and Science of the Republic Adgur Kakoba.

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