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President about Gagra: the image of town resort must meet high standards

16.03.2016 21:55
President about Gagra: the image of town resort must meet high standards
Raul Khadjimba was in Gagra district with a working visit.

Sukhum. March 16. Apsnypress. On the day of 23rd anniversary of the March offensive operation of the war  of Abkhazia President Raul Khadjimba attended the ceremony of laying flowers to the memorial complex of Gagra. The Head of State was accompanied by Speaker of People's Assembly of the Parliament Valery Bganba and head of the Gagra district administration Beslan Bartsits.
During the visit, Raul Khadjimba visited the infrastructural facilities of the town. President toured the newly reconstructed memorial, united promenade and the train station. The Head of State stressed that the appearance of the town-resort must meet high standards.
 In Gagra RES building President held a working meeting with the management of RUE "Chernomorenergo" and representatives of the district administration.
 They discussed the situation with power supply of the town. "Last year, at the peak of the holiday season due to high loads and accidents were frequent power outages in the area. We can not prevent the recurrence of such situation, it is necessary to provide uninterrupted power supply to the area in the holiday season", - said President.
 General Director of RUE "Chernomorenergo" Aslan Basariya reported to the head of state about the work on the construction of air-cable line to substation "Gagra-1". "According to your instructions, we have developed design and estimate documentation for the descent of air-cable line to this substation. The sum of the cost estimate is 6.7 million rubles", - said Aslan Basariya. 

 The general director of RUE "Chernomorenergo" stressed that the increase of capacity of the work has already begun. "The total length of the line will be 1750 meters. Planned load - about 7 megawatts. This will allow to survive and meet the growing load in the holiday season ", - he added.
 Raul Khadjimba required to complete all the work to the beginning of the holiday season.
The President also inspected the state of the Gagra diversion tank, damaged in an accident in October 2015. Repair and restoration work on the project is almost completed.

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