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Parliamentarians discussed VAT reform

10.04.2019 14:08
Parliamentarians discussed VAT reform
At the enlarged meeting of Parliamentary Committee on Budget, Credit Organizations, Taxes and Finance were discussed amendments to the Law “On VAT”.

Sukhum. April 10th. Apsnypress. At the enlarged meeting of the Committee on Budget, Credit Organizations, Taxes and Finances of the National Assembly of Parliament of Abkhazia, parliamentarians, together with representatives of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic, Chairman of the State Customs Committee, specialists and entrepreneurs, discussed the possibility of introducing changes to the Law “On Value Added Tax” .
 Opening the meeting, Chairperson of the Committee, Natalie Smyr, said that the purpose of the meeting was VAT reform: “The working group established in Parliament to reform and amend the Law on VAT has worked for a year. And on the basis of the work there was made a decision that was never implemented. The main point of the reform was the change in rates. Since the layout of the budget begins much earlier than the submission of documents to Parliament, we did not have time to calculate and submit the control figures for the change in VAT. Therefore, for 2019, VAT remained in current form. If we change the Law, it should be done now, before starting to develop a plan for socio-economic development. "
 For his part, director of the Institute of Economics and Law Zaur Shalashaa noted that, despite all the negotiations, the situation is not resolved. “It is necessary to develop local production. The state should create favorable conditions for this. If the goods are exported or imported, so that part of the VAT remains in the local budget. As for tax rates, we proposed a flat rate of 0.5% for all goods not produced in Abkhazia. Also, in our opinion, in order to create equal competitive conditions for taxpayers of VAT, it is necessary to take prompt measures to curb the importation of unrecorded goods, ” - said Shalashaa.
 Candidate of Economic Sciences Marina Kvitsinia also stressed that the fiscal role of the VAT did not take place. “Entrepreneurs suffered losses. They pay tax, but can not sell the goods. The current law requires serious improvement. It is necessary to look at the preferences of entrepreneurs and state revenue, ” - she explained. 

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