NGO “League of Friends of Abkhazia” and Turkish Party of Vatan Signed a Cooperation Agreement

17.12.2019 16:24
NGO “League of Friends of Abkhazia” and Turkish Party of Vatan Signed a Cooperation Agreement
Speaker of the National Assembly of Parliament Valery Kvarchiya received delegation of the Republic of Turkey.

Sukhum. December 17. Apsnypress.  Speaker Valery Kvarchiya met with a delegation from Turkey. The event was attended by Minister for Repatriation and Demography of the Republic of Abkhazia Beslan Dbar and Chairman of the Federation of Abkhazian Cultural Centers Atanur Akusba.
 Valery Kvarchia welcomed the guests: “When there was a difficult situation in Abkhazia, Turkey received our compatriots. Today we hope to strengthen bilateral relations. ”
 For his part, chairman of the Turkish party Vatan Dogu Perincek also noted that the two peoples are connected by fraternal relations: “We are all brothers living on this territory, the Black Sea connects us. We hope that Turkey will soon recognize the independence of Abkhazia. In addition, we will work in the field of direct communication between Turkey and Abkhazia, it is useful for both republics. ”
 Hussein Majit Yusuf, plenipotentiary of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, conveyed greetings from Prime Minister of Northern Cyprus and emphasized: “It is necessary to develop relations between the two states. We think that Turkey will soon recognize the independence of Abkhazia. And we also hope that Russia will recognize Northern Cyprus. ”
 At the same time, Beslan Dbar recalled that Turkey is very significant for Abkhazia, since the largest diaspora of the Abkhazians, 80% of our compatriots live there. “The priority of the young democratic state is to unite our people,” he said.
 A draft joint Communiqué of the Parliamentary Committee on International, Inter-Parliamentary Relations and Relations with Compatriots and the Turkish Vatan PP “Black Sea, Mediterranean Declaration of Friendship and Peace” was presented at the meeting. The text of the Communiqué, in particular, states: “We call on all peoples and states of the Black Sea and Mediterranean coasts to come to a common understanding and make efforts for peace, friendship and prosperity in our territories and in our seas, where we get our bread. For these purposes, it is proposed: to eliminate the US and NATO bases that threaten peace and development in the Black Sea region, and to support the fight against separatist, fundamentalist terrorism; recognize the Republic of Abkhazia and the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus as all states of the region and the world; recognize Crimea as the territory of the Russian Federation, etc. ”
 In addition, following the results of the event, the parties signed a Cooperation Agreement between the Republican public organization "League of Friends of Abkhazia" and the Turkish Political Party "Vatan". According to document, the parties agreed: “To promote, within the limits of their authority, the establishment, maintenance and expansion of trade, economic, cultural and humanitarian ties between the Republic of Abkhazia and the Republic of Turkey; exchange experience in development of public diplomacy institutions in RA and RT, contribute to attracting world attention to problems of international recognition of Abkhazia; create conditions for establishing and developing business contacts, organizing and conducting joint fairs, exhibitions, seminars, conferences, competitions and other forms of cooperation ”and so on.

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