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Life imprisonment and death penalty for drug trafficking

04.04.2019 15:22
Life imprisonment and death penalty for drug trafficking
Parliamentarians made changes to some legislative acts of the Republic of Abkhazia.

Sukhum. April 4. Apsnypress. A draft law “On Amendments to Certain Legislative Acts of the Republic of Abkhazia” was adopted in the field of criminal law at the session of the National Assembly of Parliament of Abkhazia. 
 Presenting the draft law, Valery Agrba, Chairman of the Committee on State Legal Policy, recalled that the draft was adopted on first reading in 2018. “The legislative initiative was the result of the work of the deputy commission on controlling illicit drug trafficking in the RA. It was decided to amend the legislation to tighten sanctions for illicit drug trafficking after repeated meetings of the Commission, with the involvement of all the competent departments. Such is the need to implement the fundamental principle of criminal law - the inevitability of punishment. "
 Valery Agrba called the main innovations of the draft law - the impossibility of mitigating the sanctions for illicit drug trafficking with a view to marketing, as well as the import, export, transit of narcotic drugs. “The sanctions proposed by the working group, namely, along with deprivation of liberty, the right to occupy certain positions or a fine, are proposed to impose the death penalty - life imprisonment and the exclusive punishment - the death penalty. In addition, people whose acts fall under these articles are not eligible for pardon, ” - he said.
 In addition, according to Agrba, it is necessary to create conditions for minimizing accidents by those driving a vehicle under the influence of drugs. “This necessity is caused by the fact that the introduction of photo-video fixation allows to exclude the human factor. Offenses such as speeding, the intersection of a solid line, travel on prohibition signs are considered by the courts of towns or regions. It is proposed in order to simplify, speed up and objectivity of the consideration of cases, these functions should be transferred to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, ” - he explained.
 Valery Agrba informed that the Law will come into force from the moment of its publication, and the legislative norms will come into force on January 1, 2020.
 The plenipotentiary of the President in Parliament, Dmitry Shamba, supported a number of provisions of the draft law, noting that some measures would be difficult to implement in practice.
 The law was unanimously adopted in the second and final reading.

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