Lev Kvitsiniya: since May 14, 1,872 people crossed the Abkhaz-Russian border

28.05.2020 14:37
Lev Kvitsiniya: since May 14, 1,872 people crossed the Abkhaz-Russian border
The Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Abkhazia hosted a meeting of Coordination Staff for Protection of Population from Coronavirus Infection.

Sukhum. May 28. Apsnypress. At the meeting of Coordination Headquarters for Protection of Population from Coronavirus Infection, Minister for Emergency Situations Lev Kvitsiniya informed about the situation at the border and the work of the Ministry of Emergencies during the quarantine.
 According to Minister, the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Abkhazia is on duty at the Psou border crossing from May 14 to this day. During this period, 1,872 people crossed the border. Of these: drivers - 768, RF military - 450, cadets - 54, RA citizens - 600 people. “The task is to measure the temperature and conduct a conversation with those citizens who cross the border. Most people follow the rules, but there are those who, when crossing the border, take off their masks and gloves, ”said Kvitsiniya. Also, according to Lev Kvitsiniya, the employees of the Ministry of Emergencies of the Republic of Abkhazia are involved in disinfection of facilities: “The city hospital asked us to carry out disinfection. Today they will do it. In Tkuarchal yesterday we processed the market and the hospital. ”
At the same time, Kvitsiniya said: “Today, there are certain difficulties with thermal imagers, non-contact thermometers. This is due to warm temperature of the air, the imager began to malfunction. There is a proposal to sheathe the room where the temperature is measured with plasterboard so that it does not heat up. "

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