Leonid Dzapshba on the prospects for state development: “No to oil production, sale of land to foreigners, corruption and crime!

19.03.2020 12:26
Leonid Dzapshba on the prospects for state development: “No to oil production, sale of land to foreigners, corruption and crime!
The press conference of presidential candidate and vice-president Leonid Dzapshba and Viktor Khashba for media representatives was held at the AGTRK press center.

Sukhum. March 19. Apsnypress. At the AGTRC press center, RA Presidential candidate Leonid Dzapshba and RA Vice Presidential candidate Viktor Khashba answered questions from journalists live.

   Leonid Dzapshba presented the main points of his program: “We will not divide the people into“ ours ”and“ strangers ”, we will invite professionals and patriots from all political camps to work in state structures. All officials must be hired on a competitive basis, declaring property. We will strengthen the power block financially and technically. The Ministry of Internal Affairs, the State Security Service and the Ministry of Defense will be raised to the podium, enjoy authority and respect. All activities of law enforcement agencies will become transparent. Any of their expenses will be published on a public website. We will abolish the GSO, OMON, special forces, regiments, they will all be reorganized into the National Guard. There is no state where is no power bloc! 2020 will be declared the year of the fight against drug addiction. We will build dispensaries and everything necessary for the treatment of drug addicts. ”

Dzapshba commented on his participation in the events of 2014, when there was a change of power: “President is elected by the people, therefore, if three people or three hundred people came to him, it does not matter, he must accept and listen to them. If President went out to his people and spoke with them, none of this would have happened. ”

  Also, Leonid Dzapshba emphasized that there should be no relationship until Georgia recognizes Abkhazia: “Let those who want to build relations with Georgia come to the Glory Park and look at the graves of dead heroes, visit the families of the dead and talk with them. The killings and destruction that the Georgian leadership committed in Abkhazia must not be forgotten. We are at war with Georgia. If Georgia admits its guilt and concludes peace with us, only then can we talk about any relationship. ” According to him, if he is elected as President, all foreign policy steps on the issue of recognizing Abkhazia will be taken through Russia.

When asked about the sale of land and the extraction of mineral resources, Dzapshba categorically answered: “My team and I say no to oil production and the sale of land to foreigners! Oil and earth must remain untouched! In case the people trust me, we will hold a referendum and let the people decide whether to be this or not to be. My opponents do not deny that they will produce oil. ”

 If elected by the people, Dzapshba promised to restore order in the energy sector: “Why is our energy sector still in disrepair? Electricity reaches the consumer with constant changes and failures. If we come to power, we will conduct a thorough check in this area. Why do we force peasants and pensioners to pay for electricity if we do not buy it, but produce it ourselves? We plan to completely free ordinary citizens from paying for these services. Only enterprises and businessmen will pay for electricity. ”

 Vice-presidential candidate Viktor Khashba spoke about the positions of Dzapshba team in relation to the fight against corruption: “This concept has become deeply rooted in our political system and, moreover, has changed the psyche of citizens. People began to take corruption for granted. We will fight corruption within the framework of the law. A man committed a corruption crime must be punished. ”

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