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Law on declaration of income by civil servants and deputies has passed

06.02.2020 14:59
Law on declaration of income by civil servants and deputies has passed
The bill was adopted by parliamentarians in final reading.

Sukhum. February 6. Apsnypress. The session of Parliament of the Republic of Abkhazia discussed the draft law “On declaring income, expenses, property obligations by public servants and deputies”.  

   Introducing the document, Astamur Logua, Chairman of the Committee on International, Inter-Parliamentary and Compatriot Relations, emphasized that this bill is an integral part of Article 20 of the UN Convention.
 Logua called the specific amendments proposed to the bill after previous readings of the document: “Declarations provided in accordance with Law are not confidential information, with the exception of information falling under the Law on State Secrets. The declarant shall be obliged to provide information on his expenses, as well as on the expenses of his family members for each transaction - on the acquisition of a real estate object, vehicle, securities, shares, shares in the authorized capital of legal entities, if the transaction amounts exceed the total income of the declarant and its members family (close relatives) for the two years preceding the transaction, and the sources of funds from which the transaction was concluded. In case of not providing or providing knowingly false information about incomes, property and property obligations, the declarant shall be relieved of his post and held liable in accordance with the law. "The declarations are posted on the official website of the Ministry of Taxes and Duties and are provided by the Ministry for publication in newspapers within 30 days from the date of deadline for submitting the declaration expires.  
Discussing the bill, representative of President in Parliament Dmitry Shamba noted: “Without introducing amendments to industry and labor legislation, the RA Criminal Code, the implementation of the document in practice will be difficult and may remain a paper declaration”  

   For his part, Logua also asked Parliament to set specific dates for amendments to related legislation.  

   At the same time, Natalie Smyr proposed expanding the concept of “family members” taking into account the income of other declarant’s relatives in the draft law.  

   The bill was passed in final reading.
 In addition, two projects on amending the Constitutional Law of the Republic of Abkhazia “On Elections of President” proposed by Chairman of Committee on State and Legal Policy Valery Agrba and Chairman of Committee on Defense and National Security Ilya Guniya were considered at the session.
 After discussion, based on the results of the vote, both bills were rejected.

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