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Lasha Chichua needs our help!

17.02.2015 15:27
It is needed to collect 119 thousand 227 rubles.

Lasha has heavy and common diagnosis - cerebral palsy with esotropia.

In 2012, Lasha was carried out costly operation outside Abkhazia associated with the introduction of chip - neurostimulator. This operation is carried out intermittently twice, but both times - without result. Hopelessness parents appealed to the fund.

Lasha now can not walk alone, does not hold back, can not serve himself, but manages with his right hand, which by sheer will of fate as yet - that obey him, playing his favorite game, backgammon.

The Novosibirsk Research Institute of Traumatology and Orthopedics is ready to help the boy . Here he will be given a course of examination and rehabilitation.

The cost of the course examination and treatment is 119 thousand 227 rubles. For Lasha's family it is unaffordable amount! Lets make the main dream of Lasha to come true! Collect 119 thousand 227 rubles.

Lasha Chichua needs help! It is needed to collect 119 thousand 227 rubles.

Dear compatriots! You have decided to help, even if you do not mind the cost saving, your any help would be accepted with great thanks.

The service "balance transfer" - "Charity": subscribers "A-mobile" and "Aquafon" can make a donation for the fund balance by dialing *147*  #  transfer amount call button. Transfer amount from 30 to 500 rubles per day.

SMS with the word DOBRO to a short number 5050. The message will cost 20 rubles. Number of SMS is not limited.

Bank transfer: "Garant-Bank" or any branch of "SberBank" of RA. For other ways to help you can learn by phone fund 773 - 50 - 50 or visit:

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