Kristina Ozgan held a meeting with contractors

19.05.2020 18:17
Kristina Ozgan held a meeting with contractors
A meeting with contractors working on the reconstruction of water supply system in Gudauta district was held in Minec.

Sukhum. May 19. Apsnypress. Kristina Ozgan, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Economy of the Republic of Abkhazia, carried out work with contractors performing reconstruction of water supply system in Gudauta District as part of Investment Program for Promotion of Social and Economic Development of the Republic of Abkhazia.
 According to the report, a state contract for laying a 22.5 km long pipeline through the villages of Kulanyrhua, Duripsh, Mgudzyrhua and Abgarhuk with a total value of 100.1 million rubles was concluded in 2019.
 “To date, the activities are not completed. About 55% of the volume of planned work has been completed. There are questions of a financial nature in connection with the fact that there was a rather complicated scheme for implementation of work, ” - said Kristina Ozgan.
 Ozgan instructed the Capital Construction Department and the general contractor to conduct a reconciliation act by the end of the week, determine the current state of financing of facilities and the fact of the work performed.
 Kristina Ozgan also urged contractors to expedite all work in the coming month.

  “Perhaps on one of the remaining sections, 5 km long, the work will last more than one month. Nevertheless, we will strive to shorten the deadlines for all these events to complete the Investment Program 2017-2019, ” Minister summed up.

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