Kan Kvarchia: the most important thing is to launch the mechanism necessary to maintain cleanliness

12.11.2019 17:05
Kan Kvarchia: the most important thing is to launch the mechanism necessary to maintain cleanliness
The first press conference of the acting Mayor of Sukhum Kan Kvarchiya was held at the Association of Media Workers of the Republic of Abkhazia.

Sukhum. November 12. Apsnypress. Acting head of Sukhum Kan Kvarchiya at a press conference in ARSMIRA told reporters about plans to improve the capital.
 Kan Kvarchiya said that the results of inspection are disappointing: billboards, green spaces, many buildings and facilities are inadequate.
 At the same time, Kvarchiya informed about the works that have already begun to be carried out: “At the entrance to Sukhum from Kialasur, intensive cleaning is in progress. Cleaning, painting, lighting has already been applied on Kialasursky bridge, we are working on the issue of reinforcing chippers. RUE AJD began work at Sinop station. In the same area, we reached an agreement with the owner of an illegal gas station, by the end of the year we will remove this gas station and begin to improve the territory. Now work continues on lighting the Red Bridge, the White Bridge. In the Central Market I see the support and understanding of the leadership. Representatives of the Administration met with each of the sellers of street retail outlets who already operating in new places reserved for trade, found out what are the wishes, each needs an individual approach. ”
 Also, acting Head commented on the illegal construction: “This is a difficult question. We do not have a general development plan for the city. Creating such a plan will cost a considerable amount, but it is necessary because chaotic development is a mess in the conceptual sense. It is necessary to carry out zoning of territories, there should be recreational, industrial, commercial zones. To allocate land for construction, estimate is necessary, a plan, and until all the necessary documents are complete, construction will not be allowed. Many do not pay attention to it and then through the court legitimize the object. We also need to resolve these legal issues. ”
 Also, Kan Kvarchia answered the question of Apsnypress about what to do with inadequate private households: “If there is no way for people to repair the house, then at least a number of obligations must be fulfilled - the presence of a roof, windows, night lights and painting the facade, this is practiced all over the world. In addition, just recently I spoke with house managements, we are now preparing an order on the inadmissibility of improvised gardens in the yards of multi-storey buildings. In the near future, all these territories should be brought in proper form. ”
 Kan Kvarchia emphasized the importance of separation of powers: “Our Communal Administration sometimes performed the work of services responsible for certain sections of the city. For example, we are talking about the railway track. In addition, negotiations are under way to allocate funds for the installation of road signs. Before spring, it is necessary to install and mark the road signs, especially in front of the schools. ”
At the same time, Kan Kvarchiya noted: “We cannot take up everything at once. The most important thing is to launch the mechanism necessary to maintain cleanliness in our city and the communications that exist. ”

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