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Gartskiya: Eastern Abkhazia will soon become no less popular among tourists than the Western

06.06.2018 11:17
Gartskiya: Eastern Abkhazia will soon become no less popular among tourists than the Western
Minister for Resorts and Tourism Avtandil Gartskiya answered the questions of journalists.

Sukhum. June 6. Apsnypress. The press center of the Abkhaz State TV and Radio Company hosted a press conference on Abkhazia's readiness for the tourist season. Minister of Resorts and Tourism Avtandil Gartskiya answered the journalists' questions.

  Minister gave a forecast for the 2018 tourseason: "Last year, about 800 thousand tourists visited Abkhazia during the tourist season. According to our forecasts, this indicator will be repeated this year too. But the figure may significantly increase, because we assume that the guests of the World Cup, which will be held in Sochi this summer, will want to visit Abkhazia. "
  Gartskiya noted that on the initiative of the Ministry of Tourism, was launched the Program for the promotion of Abkhazian tourism products. "We realized that it is necessary to promote the Abkhazian tourist products in the regions of Russia. Such work has already been done in the Urals. Also, the Ministry of Resorts and Tourism of the Republic of Abkhazia actively participates in various international tourist exhibitions and forums on the territory of Russia, " - he said.

 Among the achievements, the Minister noted the opening of Eastern Abkhazia for tourists: "We opened new sightseeing routes, as well as old ones which were closed. There are 23 tourist routes in Abkhazia. The list of routes added to the sights of Eastern Abkhazia, which will soon become no less popular with tourists than Western Abkhazia. "
 Talking about the change in price policy of the Abkhazian tourism industry, Minister of Tourism emphasized: "In 2015-2016 whenthere was a tourism boom in Abkhazia, entrepreneurs in the tourism industry sharply inflated prices. However, after a sharp decrease in the flow of tourists in 2017, they realized that to successfully compete with neighboring resorts, it is necessary to normalize prices. So, the Abkhazian hoteliers reduced prices in winter, which attracted many tourists. "

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