Gartskiya: 24 years ago people made an unprecedented feat

16.03.2017 12:39
Gartskiya: 24 years ago people made an unprecedented feat
Sukhum honored the memory of those killed in the March offensive.

Sukhum. March 16. Apsnypress. Lana Tsvizhba. Leaders of the country, representatives of the government, deputies, veterans of the war, public figures, residents of the capital and schoolchildren came to honor the memory of those who died in the March offensive in 1993  and lay flowers at the Memorial to the victims of the War of Abkhazia.
 The vice-president of Abkhazia Vitaly Gabniya noted that March 16 is one of the most tragic dates in the  War of Abkhazia. "We lost hundreds of guys, when each of the fighters was on the account. We should be worthy of the memory of the guys we lost, " - said Gabniya.
 According to the RA minister of resorts and tourism, hero of Abkhazia Avtandil Gartskiya, exactly 24 years ago people made an unprecedented feat. "20 years after the war I wrote about everything I saw and knew, according to the manuscripts of the chronicles that I have preserved. I wrote about those I knew personally, and about what I saw with my own eyes. We should never forget this feat, because it laid the foundation for our victory, " - Gartskiya stressed.
Also, the days of the March offensive were remembered by the Chevalier of the Order of Leon Nana Nacopiya: "The March offensive is a difficult memory. This is pain, loss, cries of despair. I always tell my grandchildren how our guys were held captive, they mocked them, but nobody could break them spiritually. And this spirit must unite us all. They did not waste their lives, Abkhazia is free today! "

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