Flowers to the monument of the victims of the Lata tragedy - a tribute to memory and grief

14.12.2017 14:14
Flowers to the monument of the victims of the Lata tragedy - a tribute to memory and grief
People from all regions of the republic came to commemorate the victims of the Lata tragedy in Gudauta.

Gudauta. 14 december. Damey Kaslandziya. A ceremony of laying flowers was held in Gudauta on the day of the 25th anniversary of the Lata tragedy. President Raul Khajimba, Vice-President Vitaliy Gabniya, Prime Minister Beslan Bartsits, representatives of the government, the public, relatives of the deceased, schoolchildren came to commemorate the victims of the most terrible tragedy in the history of the War of Abkhazia.

 Opening the mourning rally, the head of the information and public relations department of the Administration of Gudauta district Enver Ardzheniya said: "The tragedy that occurred on December 14 does not fit into any rules of warfare. Children and their mothers who wanted to escape from hunger and cold were brutally murdered. Above the village of Lata, Gulrysh region, there was shot down a russian helicopter which carried out a humanitarian flight from Tkuarchal to Gudauta. 87 people were burned alive, among them were women and children. The gravest sin was committed on that day and those who are guilty of it will never redeem it."
 Member of the Council of Elders of Abkhazia, Viktor Gumba, noted: "Everyone who came here today can not forget the date of December 14. Three days after the helicopter was shot down, the remains of the deceased were brought to Gudauta, many did not even recognize their deceased relatives and friends, and the horror they saw would always be in their eyes. The memory of the dead should not be extinguished, and we must do everything for this. God grant that in our country there will never again be such tragedies, it is necessary to save our state for which the sons of our Motherland have laid their heads. "
 Recalling the terrible date, Aslan Ankvab, Deputy Minister of Defense of Abkhazia said: "December 1992 was one of the most difficult months in the War of Abkhazia. There was no light, no heat, no food, but the worst was Tkuarchal, it survived the gravest blockade. The population died from cold and shelling. The only way to communicate with the outside world was aviation. Russian helicopters carried out humanitarian flights and on the way back they took refugees, especially women and children. So it was December 14, 1992. Then in an instant we lost 87 people, 35 of which were children and 8 pregnant women. Groans and crying were in those days in Abkhazia, and to this day they remain in our hearts. "

  (AP): On December 14, 1992, during the War of Abkhazia, the troops of the State Council of Georgia shot down the Russian helicopter Mi-8 over the Lata village, Gulryshsh region, making a humanitarian flight from the blockade Tkuarchal to Gudauta. As a result of the barbaric act, 87 people died, including 35 children.

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