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Doctors: there are no cases of coronavirus infection in Abkhazia

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Doctors: there are no cases of coronavirus infection in Abkhazia
The Government discussed the prevention of seasonal spread of SARS.

Sukhum. January 27. Apsnypress. The Acting President of the Republic of Abkhazia, Prime Minister Valery Bganba held a meeting with heads of departments on seasonal increase of incidence of viral infections. 

 The message says:
 “Opening the meeting, Valery Bganba noted that the task is to develop an interagency plan of action aimed at minimizing the foci of infection with viral infections already known in Abkhazia, as well as preventing the entry of a coronovirus registered in China into the country.  
Acting Minister of Health and Welfare Tamaz Tsakhnakiya reported to the meeting that for current period, 250 people have come to medical institutions with complaints related to acute viral infections. About 200 children are among the applicants to hospitals and clinics.  “This indicates that the so-called seasonal outbreak of the previously known strains of influenza A and B in Abkhazia occurs among the population, in particular, preschool children and elderly citizens with chronic diseases can be considered vulnerable,” - added Tsakhnakiya.  

  Tsakhnakiya also said that the main task of joint work today is the organization of an enhanced sanitary-hygienic complex of measures in various organizations and places of public visits, the introduction of restrictive measures to visit inpatients and outpatients in order to prevent the spread of the incidence within the hospital.  

  In addition, according to representatives of relevant authorities, the vaccination in October 2019 against influenza in the border areas of Abkhazia today allowed us to create an effective immune layer of the population.
 However, according to experts, due to the low activity of citizens during the vaccination period, the risks of infection with acute respiratory viral infections remain high if hygiene and disease prevention are not observed.  Doctors also reported that there are no cases of coronavirus infection in Abkhazia.
 In order to prevent the entry of an unhealthy person into the territory of Abkhazia the Ministry of Health will install thermal imagers and mobile clinics on both borders.  

  In addition, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will introduce a temporary restrictive regime for issuing tourist visas to citizens of foreign countries.  

  The State Migration Service, together with border department of the State Security Service will provide temporary restrictions on the entry of labor emigrants as well.
 The State Customs Committee has been instructed to identify entrepreneurs importing consumer goods into the country from China, and to restrict the import of food products. ”

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