Daur Kove: We have established working groups on bilateral cooperation with the BRV

17.03.2017 17:08
Daur Kove: We have established working groups on bilateral cooperation with the BRV
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs held a press conference dedicated to the results of official visit of the Abkhaz delegation to the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.

Sukhum. March 17. Apsnypress. Lana Tsvizhba. Representatives of the Abkhaz delegation at the press conference told about the results of the official visit to the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela. 

 Minister of Foreign Affairs Daur Kove informed that within the framework of the visit, there were held meetings with the Minister of Foreign Trade and International Investments of Venezuela Jesús Faria, with the Minister of Telecommunications Ernesto Villegas, the Minister of Culture of Venezuela Adán Chávez. As well a meeting with the administration of the Bolivarian University, which was conducted by the rector of the Abkhaz State University Aleko Gvaramia. "One of the most important agreements reached is the creation of joint working groups that will directly work out certain steps for bilateral interaction," - Kove said.

 One of the agreements reached, according to the RA FM was the decision to visit Abkhazia in the near future. In addition, Daur Kove said that within the framework of the visit, there was signed an intergovernmental agreement on culture, as well as an agreement between the Abkhaz State TV and Radio Company and the Latin American TV company TeLesur. At the same time, the Minister stressed: "The agreement between media companies is a very important component for all of us".

 The importance of signed agreement of AGTRK with TeLesur was noted by Oleg Bartsits, the RA trade representative in Russia: "Often, our partners say that Abkhazia's presence in the media world space is not enough. Through presence in Venezuela, we can communicate and interact with different countries, we get into the media space of more than two and a half dozen countries. But we must fill this space with a quality product. It is necessary to present the material that would position Abkhazia from the best side".

 In addition, according to Bartsits, the meeting discussed two pilot business projects that can be implemented. Moreover, the Venezuelan government is extremely interested in these projects. "Venezuela is a serious producer of sugar cane and cocoa beans. But no one cares to carry sugar cane and cocoa beans across the ocean. It's too expensive. At the same time, there are innovative proposals, when small joint ventures can be made on the basis of this raw material. We need to produce a product that has a good marketing perspective on the market". - said Oleg Bartsits. 

For his part, the rector of the Abkhazian State University Aleko Gvaramia spoke about the cooperation of the two universities and the preparation for signing a corresponding agreement. "From the Abkhaz side, Zaur Gvazava, the Abkhaz ambassador to Venezuela, will deal with further issues of cooperation and the signing of the agreement between ASU RA and Bolivarian University. The rectors of two universities of Venezuela have already been invited to the 85th anniversary of the ASU, " - Gvaramiya stressed.

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