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Daur Kove met with Sergey Lavrov

01.04.2019 15:44
Daur Kove met with Sergey Lavrov
Bilateral negotiations between the foreign ministers of Abkhazia and Russia were held in Moscow.

Sukhum. April 1. Apsnypress. Moscow hosted a meeting of the Foreign Ministers of Abkhazia and Russia, Daur Kove and Sergey Lavrov.
 According to the report, the participants discussed issues of joint work to strengthen regional security, including interaction at the Geneva discussions, the next round of which will take place in a few days.
 The official website of the Russian Foreign Ministry cites Sergey Lavrov's opening remarks at the talks:
 “We are pleased with our regular meeting. We have good dynamics in bilateral relations. Political contacts at the highest level are regular. Last year, President Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin and President Raul Dzhumkovich Khadzhimba met twice. In 2017 I was able to visit the hospitable Sukhum. Now we welcome you in Moscow.
 We have many areas of close cooperation. It covers the socio-economic, humanitarian, military, military-technical and, of course, foreign policy. We give priority to joint actions on the socio-economic development of Abkhazia. The investment program of promoting social and economic development of the Republic of Abkhazia for 2017-2019 is being successfully implemented. The Russian Federation is invariably the main partner of the Republic of Abkhazia in foreign economic activity. The development of relations in this area is intended to contribute to the regularly held Russian-Abkhaz business forums. An increasingly important component of bilateral relations is the interaction between Abkhazia and the Russian regions, which show great interest in working together.
 We have a solid legal base of bilateral cooperation - more than a hundred documents were signed at the highest level and at the government level. The work on the implementation of the Treaty of Alliance and Strategic Partnership of 2014 is progressing well.
 Of course, the mechanism of foreign policy coordination is effectively functioning. In this work, we are based on a Memorandum on the mechanism for implementing a coordinated foreign policy, which was signed in 2015, and will continue to assist Abkhazia in strengthening its international position.
We especially appreciate the joint work on advancing the tasks of strengthening regional security, including our interaction at the Geneva discussions, the next round of which will take place in just a few days. ”

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