Chernomoenergo called Almas Japua’s accusations against the company “his own unsubstantiated assumptions”

19.08.2019 17:32
Chernomoenergo called Almas Japua’s accusations against the company “his own unsubstantiated assumptions”
Statement by RUE "Chernomorenergo".

Sukhum. August 19. Apsnypress. The Republican Unitary Enterprise "Chernomorenergo" issued a statement in connection with the press conference on the results of the work of the parliamentary commission investigating the activities of the RUE Chernomorenergo on August 16 at the office of the Public Movement "Common cause" made by the candidate for President of the Republic of Abkhazia, deputy of the Parliament Almas Japua.
 The statement says:
 “The activities of the commission were covered on the site of the Social Movement, which was not related to the activities of the parliamentary commission and to the activities of the Parliament, in general, with the exception of the fact that one of the leaders of this movement is a deputy of the Parliament. This gives us reason to believe that the purpose of the event was far from the goals of the commission, and the event itself was the PR of presidential candidate Almas Japua. Recall that the law “On Parliamentary Investigation” states that a member of the commission does not have the right to publicly provide information on activities of the commission, as well as voice his opinion regarding the investigation until its work is completed. The work of the commission is recognized as completed after the adoption of the relevant resolution of the Parliament, which was not done. Japua could not know this, speaking at a press conference, where he voiced “his dissenting opinion” and went into flagrant violation of the law.
 Serious accusations against the Republican Unitary Enterprise “Chernomorenergo” were made from Japua. Meanwhile, he did not provide any evidence directly or indirectly confirming the allegations made, referring to some secret information, secret witness statements and the aforementioned law. Confusing professional concepts and terms, Japua reduced the entire indictment to his own unproven assumptions.
 On August 21 at 11:00 will be held a press conference of the enterprise’s management at the central office of RUE “Chernomorenergo”, at which comprehensive and well-reasoned answers to all the allegations will be given.
 We want to note that the remaining deputies - members of the parliamentary commission to investigate the activities of RUE "Chernomorenergo" were not present at the press conference. In this regard, we appeal to the public with a request not to draw conclusions, based only on the opinion of one "interested" person. "

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