Beslan Bartsits inspected construction work in Tkuarchal district

18.12.2017 17:36
Beslan Bartsits inspected construction work in Tkuarchal district
Prime Minister of Abkhazia Beslan Bartsits inspected the works on construction sites of Tkuarchal district.

Tkuarchal. 18 December. Apsnypress. Lana Tsvizhba. Prime Minister of Abkhazia Beslan Bartsits made a working trip to Tkuarchal district and inspected the work on projects under construction.

 Beslan Bartsits visited the head water intake of Tkuarchal. The works on the site were carried out within the framework of the Comprehensive Plan to Promote Socio-Economic Development of Abkhazia.
 At the same time, director of the State Construction Company "Tkauarchalstroy" Leonty Arshba told about the works performed: "The total amount of the project is 16 million 828 thousand rubles. Repair work began in 2016. The roof was completely replaced, construction and dismantling work was carried out in 4 tanks, a filter compartment, a chlorination room, and a maintenance room."

  As Arshba noted, problems were observed in one of the 500-cubic-meter reservoirs during the work. There were invited experts who  gave the conclusion that the reservoir needed to be strengthened. "Now we are waiting for the funds to strengthen this reservoir," - said Arshba.
 In addition, head of the Government inspected the repair and restoration work in Tkuarchal District Hospital. "The pace of work is high. The project was launched this year. Limits determined for the current year will be mastered on time. The object will be launched in 2019. But since the general construction works can be completed ahead of schedule, it is possible that the object will be completed before a certain time. Restoration of such a medical institution is necessary. The works are carried out by local enterprises, " - Beslan Bartsits told.
 As head physician of Tkuarchal hospital Lali Garguliya emphasized, the whole town is waiting for the completion of these works. "We hope that this medical institution will meet modern requirements. We have no problems with the stuff, young specialists are already addressing us, " - said Garguliya.
 Beslan Bartsits visited a kindergarten of Tkuarchal, where construction work continues. According to Head of Government, about 10 million rubles have been allocated for all the reconstruction and equipping. "The work is carried out by Tkuarchalstroy at the expense of funds provided for 2017 budget for capital construction," - Beslan Bartsits explained. Premier stressed that the works in the kindergarten will be completed by the end of this month and the installation of furniture will begin in parallel. "In January 2018, children will be able to enter this garden," Bartsits said.  

   For his part, Leonty Arshba said that 80% of the works on kindergarten reconstruction have been completed. "On the ground floor there are some floor work in two rooms and small work with walls. The second floor is completely ready, " - said Arshba.
 As part of the working trip, Prime Minister inspected Tkuarchal market where work to dismantle the trading rows is currently under way. At the same time, Beslan Bartsits said that the situation here was critical, the structures were very shabby but the trade on the territory of the market did not stop. "Head of the administration of Tkuarchal district repeatedly appealed to us about this. We promised to support the project and now its implementation has already begun. At this stage there is financing for the construction of new shopping arcades. More than 1,000 square meters will be under the roof. The total cost of the project is about 7 million rubles. The deadline for completion of facility is the first quarter of next year, " - Bartsits said.

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