Astamur Kakaliya: we want to unite people around the idea, not around political leaders

03.04.2018 15:36
Astamur Kakaliya: we want to unite people around the idea, not around political leaders
The initiative group on combating corruption answered questions of journalists at a press conference in ARSMIRA.

Sukhum. April 3. Apsnypress. The press center of the Association of Media Workers of Abkhazia hosted a press conference of the initiative group advocating the inclusion of the 20th article of the UN Convention on Combating Corruption in the RA Law "On Civil Service."
 Answering the journalists' question, what is the reaction of the deputies of the People's Assembly of the Parliament of the Republic of Abkhazia to the proposal to introduce this article into the law, one of the members of the initiative group Astamur Kakaliya noted: "For more than 5 years we have been applying for the introduction of the anti-corruption law, which involves accounting for incomes of officials and criminal punishment for illegal enrichment. Yesterday, a regular meeting was held with the deputies of the Parliament, at which we fully informed our determination to accelerate the work on the Law on Civil Service. We demanded to introduce into the law the concept of illegal enrichment, and specifically, the content of Article 20 of the UN Convention on Combating Corruption. The deputies promised us that "soon" the bill will be issued. We did not doubt that all MPs would support our initiative, but expected that some of them would put obstacles on the way to ratifying this article. Therefore, in order to move the solution of the issue from a dead end, we want to inform everyone about the existing problem. We want to unite people around the idea, not around political leaders. The Convention on combating corruption was invented by the brightest juridical minds of the planet. It is composed in such a way that it can not be interpreted and circumvented in two ways. Legislative bodies of Abkhazia do not need to create something new. "

 Kakaliya explained the essence of Article 20 of the UN Convention on Combating Corruption, from which it follows that the official's assets, exceeding legal income, fall under the category of "illegal enrichment", for which one must answer in court. If an official can not explain the legality of the origin of the funds, then he is held criminally liable.
 For his part, another member of the initiative group Rasmag Ajinjal stressed: "We are concerned that journalists were not invited to our meeting with parliamentarians yesterday. We do not want the population to be suspicious of this initiative, so we will insist that subsequent meetings take place openly. Despite the fact that all the deputies of the Parliament expressed their approval of our initiative, they were hesitant, expressed by references to the legislative complexity of ratifying the article on incomes. Some even referred to the fact that individual countries of the European Union have not yet adopted this UN convention. Responding to this argument, I want to note that these countries do not need its adoption, because their legislation specifies a number of protective mechanisms that oppose corruption. "
 According to the participant of the initiative group Adgur Lagvilava, the RA Law "On Counteracting Corruption" exists since 2015, but it is not being implemented. Argumenting his opinion, he noted: "Bodies involved in anti-corruption activities, such as the Security Council and the Prosecutor General's Office, do not conduct any work in this direction. We do not see any criminal cases. Anticorruption expertise under the RA Parliament has not been created, although it is spelled out in the Law. Also, the Law lacks the concept of "illegal enrichment". And other points of the Law are blurred and unfinished. It is necessary to amend this Law or create a new Law. "
 Summing up the press conference, Rysmag Ajinjal stated that if within six months the deputies of the Parliament do not include an article on "illegal enrichment" in the legislation, the initiative group on counteracting corruption will publishthe names of those officials who put barriers to the ratification of this articles in the mass media. At the same time, Astamur Kakaliya added that in case this measure does not work, the group will initiate a referendum.

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