Aslan Bzhaniya: ex-president of Abkhazia Alexander Ankvab will take post of prime minister

24.03.2020 16:17
Aslan Bzhaniya: ex-president of Abkhazia Alexander Ankvab will take post of prime minister
Aslan Bzhaniya and Badra Gunba told reporters about the priorities of executive branch.

Sukhum. March 24. Apsnypress. Press conference of elected President of the Republic of Abkhazia Aslan Bzhaniya and elected Vice president Badra Gunba was held at the international press center of the CEC of Abkhazia.

Elected President informed about the first and most important steps of the authorities that will be taken: “Let's start with the formation of the executive branch. And then we will gradually solve problems."
Aslan Bzhaniya officially confirmed that the ex-president of Abkhazia, Alexander Ankvab, will take post of prime minister. He also noted that there are a number of other approved appointments, but this will be known later.
 Answering the question about the need to strengthen measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection in Abkhazia, Bzhaniya emphasized: “Much has been done at this stage, I do not think that the situation will get out of control. The situation is controlled by available means. Effective measures have already been taken. Let's see what this leads to. ”  

 Aslan Bzhaniya announced that he plans to build open relations with the opposition: “We will be open, and try not to politicize overly defined processes. I intend to pay close attention to work with the opposition, proposals with professional approach will be accepted. ”  
Aslan Bzhaniya answered the question on redistribution of powers between President and Parliament: “I believe that such a redistribution is necessary, but only time will tell when to do it and to what extent. This issue needs to be taken responsibly. ”  
Elected President stressed that cooperation with the Russian Federation will remain a priority for the new government: “It intends to act within the framework of the signed agreements. The obligations undertaken by the Abkhaz side must be fulfilled.

 Also, we will bring together positions on many issues. There are no insoluble questions between us. The quality of our relationships directly affects the quality of life of our citizens. ”
 Aslan Bzhaniya answered the question about VAT: “I don’t agree that the goods used by our farmers fall under import VAT, this is fertilizer, herbicides, and much more, they should not be there. It is necessary to study the collection of VAT at the border or already here, in fact, when the goods are sold. ”
 According to him, businessmen were “put into a risk zone” so that the state would feel calm. "Is it correct? We need to calculate the effect of all this, ”Bzhaniya said.  

Also, President said that certain departments and ministries may undergo restructuring: “Perhaps some departments will be reduced in number and some, on the contrary, will be expanded. It is even possible to create new ministries. ”  

Answering a question about the timing of implementation of Investment Program, Bzhaniya noted: “We will not need 3 months to form the Government. And key decisions related to implementation of the Investment Program will be made quickly. ”

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